Warm heart: girls play 110 for charging 10 yuan. Wiring female police charge 20: no need!

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Warm heart: girls play 110 for charging 10 yuan. Wiring female police charge 20: no need!

2018-12-26 20:25:08 163 ℃

On November 27th, a 20-year-old girl working in Dongguan was powered out at home, and there was no network. The mobile phone was shut down and no one could be contacted. She tried many ways to recharge, and she still had no results. Helpless, she called the "110" alarm phone, asking for a charge of 10 yuan. Miss Jiejie Li Jieting not only gave her a fee of $20, but also insisted: "No need to return." (According to @广州日报)

Top: Helping Xiao Xiao (left) and receiving police officer Li Jieting (right)

This news seems to be really warmhearted.

110 The hard work is not something that ordinary people can understand. In addition to the malicious alarm call, there are all kinds of wonderful requests, which makes people laugh and cry.

Here are a few examples.

This year On the morning of March 12, an armored vehicle in Yangjiaping, Chongqing, collided with a red private car, call 110 for help, then came the police uncle is also a face, said the first time encountered such cases.

In addition, some people dialed 110 to say that his wife was derailed. He dialed 110 and said that the mouse entered the house. He called 110 to help find the toilet. In short, All kinds of wonderful, many of them are ridiculous.

Having difficulty, find a policeman. Said that the Ming People’s Police is worthy of the people’s trust.

This is not the case of Dongguan’s 20-year-old girl. In a hurry, she found 110 and asked for help to charge 10 calls. I think that this girl may really have no way to go, and this is the best policy. What's more, the girl did not want to rely on the account. However, the female operator of 110 has a higher style, not only is not afraid of trouble, but also does not want people to pay back money. It is really a good policeman of the people.

The same is true. According to reports, on the phone, the police officer Li Jieting asked what happened to the girl, but the girl did not respond positively. Li Jieting said, "I didn't continue to ask questions at the time, because some people may not want to confide their voices to strangers." Li Jieting worried that the girl would hang up the phone directly because of her questioning, and chose directly Charge the call.

This is reported, I am a bit worried: will not be followed? Will it bring trouble to the police?

110 is a public resource, we are fine, it is best not to harass 110, to give the opportunity to those who really need 110 for help.