7 ° C + snow! Tomorrow, Zhumadian will welcome continuous snowfall, and the coldest days are coming.

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7 ° C + snow! Tomorrow, Zhumadian will welcome continuous snowfall, and the coldest days are coming.

2018-12-26 20:25:12 379 ℃

After the winter solstice

People start "five"!

The coldest period of the year is coming!

Of course

The end of cold air will also begin to rush performance

It is expected that on the night of the 25th, a new round of cold air will begin to affect our province, and the cold air main body will be slowly southward. It is expected that the impact will last until 30th. Affected by the continuous spread of cold air, the temperature in the province dropped significantly from the previous period from 26 to 27, with a drop of 6 to 8 °C.

Tonight, on the 26th, the lower level has a shallow trough eastward affecting most of the province, and on the 27th Southwest airstream impact. In the next few days, our province has the conditions for precipitation. The province has a wide range of rain and snow, but the precipitation is not large.

A strong cooling + rain + snowfall is coming soon

The Zhumadian will open the Sanjiu mode

Starting tomorrow

The Zhumadian will welcome a new round of snowfall

This snow will be lingering in Zhumadian for 4 days

Continue 4 days

[Weather information] Weather forecast: cloudy today, cloudy night, light rain, north Wind 2 to 3, temperature 0 to 9 degrees, air pollution meteorological conditions forecast level three, generally, no significant impact on air pollutant dilution, diffusion and removal;

26 cloudy days with light rain Snow,

Snowy snow on the 27th,

It’s cloudy on cloudy days from 28 to 29,

30 days on a cloudy day,

It’s cloudy on the 31st. (released by the Meteorological Bureau of Zhumadian)

Of course, the temperature is also plummeting

This weekend, Zhumadian The lowest temperature will drop straight down to


Do you think this is over?

According to the Emergency Notice of the Leading Group Office of Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control in the City on Adjusting the Warning Level of Heavy Pollution Weather In the spirit of the document, we will continue to have a heavy pollution process in the next few days.

The air pollution level in our city continues to increase

There will be serious pollution in individual time periods

from 12:00 on December 22, 2018

The red (I-level) warning has been activated in the citywide

In this small series, the general public is reminded Friends

especially children, the elderly and

people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, etc.

Minimate outdoor activities,

Sensitive people stop outdoor activities. Please be careful!

Everyone drives out the door

Be sure to pay attention to safety!

It seems to be cold and cold and start to be a demon

How can I get a cold word?

Put out the thicker equipment!

In addition to the weather change

There are several messages to tell you


You have only 7 days left in your 2018 balance


My basics of the year

Nothing to play CALL for other people's dreams

There are many koi that are forwarded

What about the results?

The first batch of 80 is already 38 years old

The last batch is also 29 years old.

After 80, the group has entered the ranks of "Pentium IV"

The labels of middle-aged people are too late to prevent

The boy of 1992 and the girl of 94 years

have officially entered

the legal age of late marriage.....

< And your emotional experience is:

But fortunately there is still a good news waiting for us

That is:

After 6 days of class

New Year's Day is coming soon!

Unhappy? Not excited?

New Year's Day is coming

Can the Spring Festival be far behind?

Then You can go home to eat and drink

No matter what

Although the weather is not strong

But in the next few days of 2018,

wrap the little cotton jacket together, come on!