Why is the firefighting hero not named? Because I should be on!

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Why is the firefighting hero not named? Because I should be on!

2018-12-27 00:25:35 348 ℃

Author: Ren Jian

"Jin Lijun!"


"You can kid ah, good without seeking it! "

"You don't make a joke, do I do a good job?"

"Reload, thank you for sending it to the unit!"

"What thank you Letter, let me see!"

"It turned out to be this, actually I also Nothing to do, I am a soldier, but also a member of the Communist Party. When the people’s lives and property are threatened, it’s time for me!”

Talk about the fire on December 22nd. Jin Lijun told reporters plainly, "Even if I choose another time, I will rush to it." Time pushed back a few days ago, Jin Lijun could not participate in the company work because of a vocal polyp surgery, and went home to recuperate. On December 22, Jin Lijun and his wife went to Shuangshi Village, Miaoqian Town, Qingyang County to visit their grandmother. They were holding their family with their grandmother. They suddenly heard someone shouting fire outside the door. Jin Lijun did not hesitate and turned to the fire. The house is ready to fight the fire, he has already Remember the patients themselves but also just finished throat surgery, and without regard for throat pain, ran to greet villagers fighting together. When he arrived at the scene, Jin Lijun found that the fire was very serious. He quickly confirmed the surrounding environment, organized personnel to call for help, and learned that there were no trapped people inside the house. He immediately lifted the mud bucket and plastic bucket for the bricklayer to run more than ten meters away from the fire point. The faucet received water and extinguished the fire, and ran back and forth more than ten miles before it barely controlled a little spread of fire.

At this time, the surrounding people sent water pipes, and Jin Lijun took the faucet and held the water pipes with both hands. The fires with large fires are concentrated in the fire. Due to the large fire, the houses with civil structures can't stand the flames of fire. They have begun to have a tendency to collapse. The fallen wooden beams are splashed on the ground. The smoke inside the house was like a beast tearing Jin Lijun's figure, but he was not afraid. He was cut in many places, and there were many burns on his body that did not offset his ambition. It was only a quarter of an hour. The fire was completely controlled. At this time, the owner of the house rushed home with the children to participate in the fire fighting. After more than half an hour, the fire was completely extinguished. At this moment, the police also rushed to the scene to start the follow-up investigation work. According to the villagers at the scene, the location of the fire was located in the center of the village. The staff and houses were relatively dense. Because the young and middle-aged villages in the village mostly went out to work, the villages were mostly left-behind personnel. They were old and weak, and most of them did not dare to go to the fire. Being able to take care of the work around, if it is not Jin Lijun still standing up, the consequences are unimaginable.

After seeing the dangerous situation has been dealt with, Jin Lijun smashed his bloody eyes and relaxed his body and mind. At this moment, he found that his throat was already painful and he said goodbye to his grandmother and rushed home to rest.

Afterwards, Jin Lijun returned to the army after the holiday, and did not take this matter to heart, so the scene at the beginning of the article happened. Jin Lijun said frankly: "I didn't expect them to write a thank-you letter to the unit. I just thought that I was a soldier. I didn't put it in my heart. It was still the same sentence. This is when I need it. I am on!"

Comrade Jin Lijun:

Golden Jun, male, born in August 1986, enlisted in December 2004, ranks four-level sergeant, member of the Communist Party of China, and is currently serving in a direct team of the Jiangsu Military Region.