There are light rains in major scenic spots.

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There are light rains in major scenic spots.

2018-12-27 00:25:36 368 ℃

China Weather Network Guangxi Station News Today (27th), Guangxi (26th) major scenic spots are mainly rainy weather, rainy roads are slippery, visibility is poor, please also pay attention to prepare rain gear when traveling, free tour Friends of tourists pay attention to driving carefully. In addition, the temperature in each scenic spot is low in the morning and evening, especially in the scenic area of ​​northern Guangxi, and tourists are advised to keep warm when traveling.

Special Forecast for Scenic Spots:

Weather in the Scenic Area of ​​Guibei (Guilin Lijiang, Liuzhou Du Leyan, Rong'an Rongshui Miaojia Style, Xing'anling Canal, etc.): Today, light rain, north wind 1 to 2, minimum temperature 5 ~ 9 ° C, the highest temperature 7 ~ 12 ° C.

Weather in the coastal sunshine area of ​​Guinan (Beihai Yintan, Dongxing Golden Beach, Weizhou Island, etc.): Today, light rain, temperature 16 ~ 21 °C. Beibu Gulf surface: Today, there is light rain on cloudy days, northeast winds 5 to 6 and gusts 7; on the 28th, there is light rain on cloudy days, 6 to 7 northerly winds, and 8 to 9 gusts. Hepu to the typhoon warning station around the coast of Dongxing, the strong wind signal hanged on the No. 1 typhoon does not change.

Weather in the southwestern border area of ​​Guilin (Pingxiang Friendship Pass, Dongxing, Jingxi Tongling Grand Canyon, Daxin Detian Waterfall, etc.): Today, light rain, northeast wind 1~2, minimum temperature 13 ~ 15 ° C, the highest temperature of 14 ~ 19 ° C.

Guixi Red, eco-tourism area weather (Baby Uprising Memorial Hall, Dawangling, Bama Changshou Township, etc.): Today, light rain, Dongfeng 1~2, minimum temperature 7~14°C, maximum temperature 9 to 18 ° C. (Editor: Zhou Yu)