The motor is the endorsement of the new joy "A dog's way home" fixed on January 18

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The motor is the endorsement of the new joy "A dog's way home" fixed on January 18

2018-12-27 10:25:02 347 ℃
"With you" poster

1905 Movie News Yesterday, the movie "A Dog's Way Home" was released in Beijing. The meeting will announce that the film will be released nationwide on January 18, 2019. At the same time, the film will also launch a large-scale charity event called "Bring You Home" to contribute to the rescue of the current stray dog.

In order to cooperate with the final document, the film released the "Start Now" preview and the "With You" version of the poster, the dog Bella and the owner Lucas from the encounter to the separation, the whole process or Warm and touching, or thrilling, the 600-kilometer home road has formed an inspiring legend under the adventure of Bella's life and death.

Announced a big photo album

"A dog's way home" is ridiculously praised by the public interest "China Bella" to find homes

At the final session of the film "A Dog's Way Home", the guests and the media on the spot sneaked a sneak peek at the film. There is a warm interaction between the dog Bella and the host Lucas's "destination to meet". There is a thrilling moment when Bella and Lucas are accidentally separated and set off on the road of "dead return"; the most pricking plot is Bella Cross. The mountain river returns to its place where the heart is.

The cute dog "Chinese Bella" is a good person

The conference will also be announced with Ali Auction,, and its peers. In-depth cooperation, joint public welfare partners Motor, Wu Qi, Ding teacher volunteer search and rescue, carry out a "take you home" charity event for stray dogs, is committed to helping thousands of "Chinese Bella" to find their own home . At the scene, the "Chief Healing Ambassador" motor remotely presented the VCR, and gave a call to "China Bella". The "Chief Pet Behavior Specialist" Wu Qi teacher taught everyone how to "talk" to the dog and get along with them. At the same time, "Chief The pet rescue expert, Mr. Ding’s representative, also shared the “small tricks” for finding dogs. The whole process can be said to be “dry goods”. I believe that under their leadership, there will be more enthusiastic organizations and individuals to join, so that more dogs can no longer wander and find the "Lucas" in their lives.

"Chief Pet Rescue Expert" Ding teacher search and rescue representative Yang Jingguo

Pre-post poster double-issue "immediately depart" Bella is accompanied by him only because A glimpse of a thousand years

In the newly released "Get Off" preview, Bella grew from a homeless puppies to a "warrior" who can confront the wolves. Everything cannot be separated from the support of love. Although Bella’s journey home seems so ups and downs, there are also some exciting elements of adventure: saving people in an avalanche, escaping from wolves, making friends with cougars...but as if they were on the way And things, have not changed the mind of Bella home. In the "With You" version of the poster, Bella and Lucas are opposite each other. The beautiful moment of relatives and interactions is imprinted in the silhouette that Bella looks up. Bella uses the pursuit of life to interpret what is called "a million eyes." year".

"Chief Pet Behavior Specialist" Wu Qi

​​"Unlike humans, animals are always honest", in the eyes of director Charles Martin Smith, animals Born to have an innocent and pure feeling, he likes to deal with animals, and wants to see the world through their perspective, so there is a dog Bella, with the movie "A dog's way home." As a companion to The Dog Mission, this adventure story is also adapted from W. Bruce Cameron’s best-selling novel, “This story is about true love,” Cameron said. Many people want to know the world in the eyes of dogs. What exactly is it, and how it is treated to the owner and nature, perhaps this time, Bella will tell you the answer.

The film "A Dog's Way Home" is directed by Charles Martin Smith, starring Ashley Judd, Jonah Hall-Jin, and Alexandra Shipp. Bryce Dallas Howard served as the English dubbing of Bella. The film will be registered on the National Cinema on January 18, 2019.