Snowfall + cooling + strong winds, the highest temperature in our city on Saturday is 10 °C!

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Snowfall + cooling + strong winds, the highest temperature in our city on Saturday is 10 °C!

2018-12-27 10:25:02 369 ℃

I am afraid you are not afraid

Ice mode is on the fly

The temperature will “fall down”↓↓↓

The picture will let everyone experience

Affected by cold air, there will be significant snowfall in Hedong, Gansu Province from December 27th to 28th. The weather, from the north to the north of the blizzard, Dingxi, Tianshui, Pingliang, and the eastern part of Gannan Prefecture have heavy snow, Lanzhou, Baiyin, Linxia, ​​Qingyang and other cities and states and the southern part of Gannan Prefecture have medium to heavy snow.

☝ This weather situation, It is expected to be colder every day from today!

Cold hair "purple"

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With the snowfall, the temperature in most parts of Gansu Province dropped by 4-6 °C, in which the five cities of Hexi and Dingxi, Linxia, ​​Tianshui, Pingliang, Qingyang and other places fell by 6-8 °C; Jiuquan and Jiayuguan have 5 to 6 east winds.

Local and related departments need to prevent snow and cool weather

For transportation in our province,

City operation And the adverse effects of farming and animal husbandry


1, drive out, please be prepared Snow chains.

2. Go online to see the weather, choose the route and travel again.

3, driving on the road is not too slow, snowy heroes can not.

4. Carefully check the wiper and snow to turn on the running lights.

5. Open the navigation on the highway, and the situation is known early.

6. Pay attention to the traffic signal micro-signal, and the traffic service is good.

Finally, Xiaobian must say:

It’s too cold to wear


Slow driving slowly

I hope everyone will go out in advance in the snow for a while

Successfully along the way

~No wrestling, no late~~ p>

New Year's Day holiday is safe and secure

2019 Smooth and successful