Fuzhou has not yet gotten married! The country has just announced a big news, it is coming...

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Fuzhou has not yet gotten married! The country has just announced a big news, it is coming...

2018-12-27 10:25:04 385 ℃

Three pounds and three hundred dollar bills

The egg throws the groom, the paint splashes the whole body


A wedding

How many vulgar stereotypes are revealed


For some current local high-priced bridesmaef

luxury waste to do weddings, etc.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs officially launched

Resist the price tag, vulgar Marriage

To promote marriage reforms

I believe many people who are not married are happy


According to the news of CCTV News on December 2nd, for some local high-priced bride price, extravagance and waste In the case of weddings and other issues, the Ministry of Civil Affairs recently requested that the marriage customs reform be promoted in an all-round way and that simple and appropriate marriage etiquette be advocated.

For the marriage customs, the Ministry of Civil Affairs requires that to encourage and promote traditional weddings, actively advocate and organize collective weddings, commemorative weddings, charity weddings, etc., with elegant style, rich connotations, outstanding features, and civilized thrift. Wedding form.

Responding to the use of marriage to collect money, resisting high-priced bride price, extravagance, vulgarity, and rituals The unhealthy trend has pushed the social atmosphere to improve. It is necessary to actively promote the humanized certification service and replace the grand wedding ceremony with the solemn and sacred marriage registration certificate.

Yang Zongtao, deputy inspector of the Department of Social Affairs of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, said that the use of rural grassroots organizations to handle the wedding process, amount, etc. Etc., fixed by the form of the villagers' convention, and regulated by the Red and White Council of the countryside.

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Blood for a good price

In some places, high-priced gift rituals are endless, and often become a good thing The fuse of bad things. The case reported in the Legal Evening News is very typical.

In the Spring Festival of 2017, Chen Laohan, who lives in Fudao Town, Tangyin County, Anyang City, Henan Province, was supposed to be the happiest gathering moment for their family, but the result was cold and clear. Just that year, Chen Bingtao’s son Chen Bingtao was married, which was a happy event, but on the the wedding day, Chen Bingtao killed his new wife with a hammer .

To give his son a kiss, Chen Laohan not only depleted his family's money, but also With more than 200,000 yuan in debt. But who would have thought that after a fierce quarrel in the night of the cave, the bridegroom used a hammer to smash the head of the bride to death, leaving a painful healing pain to the family and society.

I learned later that the dispute between the two sides was actually the 110,000 yuan bride price paid, which made people sigh. In fact, for many rural youths, the increasing number of bridesmaids is becoming their heaviest burden. "Son daughter-in-law, 爹 脱 脱 ", tens of thousands of ceremonies, to a festive marriage, cast a thick shadow.

Low vulgarity, shocking

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At noon on November 25th, a section of Guizhou the groom is The video of escaping friends and being knocked down by a car was passed on in the circle of friends. According to witnesses on the scene, the groom’s official was rushed to the Lanhai Expressway to prepare for a shortcut to go home, and was knocked down by a car in the high-speed lane.

On November 23rd, in Dezhou, Shandong, a groom was tied to a lamppost. Friends and relatives watched not far away. Various spices, beer, eggs and starch were greeted by the groom. At the scene, some citizens called "too terrible." On the streetlight pole where the groom is tied, you can also see the slogan of "civilized city, a civilized citizen."

On March 29th, in Shaoyang, Hunan, a groom was naked and beaten by relatives and friends. A cracked wound, and then others sprinkled salt on their wounds. The local villagers said that "bashing the groom" is a local marriage custom, meaning that marriage is not easy, I hope the groom cherish.

Overseas commentator Meng Qingchuan once said: Low-marriage marriages have been repeatedly banned, and there are strong realities. Many victims are obsessed with feelings and adopt a tolerant attitude towards low-marriage marriages. Even if the weddings repeatedly make extraordinary behaviors, they will be allowed to do so. This to some extent condone the occurrence of vulgar marriage. More seriously, however, Many people don't realize that vulgarity is a bad habit, which is the soil of vulgar marriages.

Now 90s

Unconsciously, the age of marriage is also reached

The times are changing, and the concept of marriage and love is changing

< p>When I was young, I heard Grandpa say

There are pots and pans in the house one or two pieces of furniture

You can take your grandmother home

To the parents, the four big pieces started

color TV, sewing machine , Bicycle, Radio

Later, I don’t know when to start

House car Become the mainstream

The sky-high price gift is performed every year

There are netizens who spoke out

Return to the night before liberation

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Now, more and more people

began to consciously resist low-margin weddings and high-priced bridesmaids

< p>Ethics, laws, etc. also play a role in regulating folklore,

but only the complete awakening of public civilization consciousness,

some Wedding etiquette to vulgar extinct.

Source: Comprehensive CCTV Finance, Nanchang Evening News, Tencent Video