The mother who has been away from home for 38 years wants her son to take responsibility for maintenance. Son: I would rather bear the filial name.

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The mother who has been away from home for 38 years wants her son to take responsibility for maintenance. Son: I would rather bear the filial name.

2018-12-27 10:25:10 367 ℃

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There is an old saying in China, Baishanxiao is the first, filial piety has always been a virtue, but also as a child’s obligation, but if When I was a child, I was abandoned by my mother. I grew up with my father. When my mother is old, I will come back to find my son. Then, should this obligation of support be borne? Mr. Shen’s practice has caused discussion among netizens.

Ms. Mao is a 70-year-old man for more than 30 years. Formerly because of her husband's temper and domestic violence, in order to avoid her husband's beating, Ms. Mao left her home with her little daughter, but unfortunately, her daughter died in a car accident in the past few years, only After leaving her own daughter, Ms. Mao went around looking for the whereabouts of her son. After all difficulties, Ms. Mao finally found her son, Mr. Shen, but the son’s approach made Ms. Mao very chilling, Mr. Shen refused. Ms. Mao recognized, for this reason, Ms. Mao found a reporter for help.

The reporter learned from Mr. Shen: Now he is the vice president of a hospital. His life is very good. There are cars and houses. Because his mother left home more than 30 years ago, his father has always been away. Without remarriage, two people are dependent on each other, and he was jokes when he was a child. He is a child without a mother. After thirty years of hard work, he has everything in his life, and his mother has not done a little responsibility. How many missed? In addition to blood relationship, what are the qualifications in his life to say that he is his mother? Now when I am old, I will come back to myself. I will not say whether my mother’s original practice is difficult, but I would rather bear the nickname of not raising my mother and I would not recognize my mother. I will remember the bowl that I used to eat with my father. Mother's hate. This hate and bowl followed him for thirty-eight years and has not been put down until now.

Finally, after mediation, Mr. Shen finally understood the mother, but It is still unacceptable for the future support, but Mr. Shen said that because he is now rich in life, he will give 100,000 yuan to the mother, Ms. Mao as compensation. This money is regarded as the mother’s fertility. But since then, I hope that there will be no more connections, and I hope that my mother can not disturb his future life. Do you think Mr. Shen’s approach is excessive in this matter?

Small editor wants to say: Let’s not say morality and emotion, just sink In fact, Mr.'s approach is very reasonable. After all, the feelings don't come out of thin air. Although it is a mother, there is no feeling at all. This kind of practice Xiaobian I think is already done right. What do you think about this matter?

The following is a netizen's hot comment:

@Guangdong a netizen: raising a child must fulfill the mother's obligations, no matter what happens, the child is the first. I didn’t do my best to raise my filial piety! !

@山东网: Another wave does not move, I want to come back to the old age

@Zhejiang a netizen: I haven’t raised my old age and found my son to support if she is like her son. Who should raise their own responsibilities? Why do you have to do your best to support your son? Who can feel the sin of a child without a mother? Don’t be morally kidnapped

@江苏网: A father of a child, you must first Parents are loving and children can be filial.

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