The rain and snow cooled the weather again! Please pay attention to these friends who drive

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The rain and snow cooled the weather again! Please pay attention to these friends who drive

2018-12-27 20:25:00 352 ℃

Be strong Due to the influence of cold air, the temperature in Xiushan has dropped significantly. Yesterday night to 15 o'clock today, all parts of the county are light rain; urban temperature is 5.0 ~ 6.7 °C.

According to the Xiushan meteorology, it is expected that the night and tomorrow will be sleet, there will be light snow in the high mountains, and the temperature in the urban area will be 1~5°C; tomorrow night to the day after tomorrow, small to medium snow, urban temperature-1~ 2 ° C.

According to @Chongqing Weather Forecast: (08:08:28, 08:00) There is intermittent light rain in the western cloudy days. There was sporadic light rain, and the rest of the area turned light and rainy, and there were sleet or light snow in high altitude areas. The temperature in most areas is 2 to 10 °C, and the city and southeast are -1 to 5 °C; the relative humidity of the city is 60% to 100%. It is expected that the minimum visibility of G42 Hurong Expressway, G85 Kunkun Expressway, G93 Chengyu Expressway and G50 Humin Expressway will be less than 1000 meters. G65 Baomao Expressway has ice formation from the Lancang to Xiushan section. Snow and snow are slippery, please pay attention to traffic safety and drive carefully.

Ice and Snow Driving Tips

Start on the snowy road, slowly step on the gas pedal and slowly add oil. Driving on snow and ice, the speed should be controlled at 20-30 km/h. The ice surface should be kept at a constant speed as much as possible. Since the resistance of the snow and ice road is small, avoid getting too close to the car, keep enough safety distance, and need to accelerate or decelerate, the throttle should be slowly stepped on or released to prevent the drive wheel from slipping due to sudden acceleration or deceleration.

Try to avoid sudden braking in advance

When driving on snow and ice, the driver should not rush to collect oil and brake suddenly. Because the friction coefficient of the road surface is drastically reduced, the brakes are suddenly braked. Will cause the vehicle to be extremely unstable, which may cause the vehicle to slip or even tip over.

Slow Steering to Avoid Loss of Control
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When turning on a snowy road, the driver needs to reduce the speed to a safe range before entering the corner, and slowly bend the direction in the corner. Do not suddenly accelerate or slam on the brakes, otherwise it will easily lead to the loss of control of the vehicle.

Slopes are extraordinarily
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It is dangerous to drive on a ramp when the road is frozen. The driver should hang the low gear before the uphill to maintain power and avoid going uphill. Parking on the way to avoid the difficulty of starting the vehicle. When going downhill, the manual transmission can use the low gear to assist the engine to brake, avoiding the brakes to make the vehicle slip.

Keeping a good view

It’s important to have a view of the snow and ice, keeping the front windshield and the rearview mirror clear and clean. The fog of the window can be removed by the method of air-conditioning warm air blowing the front windshield.

Friendly reminder:

Attention to cold and warm measures, add clothes to keep warm.

Everyone is watching

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