New Year's Day Express is not free, travel and collect this good to avoid the blocking strategy

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New Year's Day Express is not free, travel and collect this good to avoid the blocking strategy

2018-12-27 20:25:09 385 ℃

On July 24, 2012, the State Council agreed with the Ministry of Transport, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Supervision, and the State Council Correctional Office to implement the “Implementation Plan for the Exemption of Small Bus Tolls for Major Holidays”. The program stipulates that the Spring Festival and Qingming Sections, Labor Day, National Day, four national statutory holidays are exempted from small passenger car road tolls. Free vehicles are available for passenger vehicles of less than 7 seats (including 7 seats), including motorcycles. Whether the airport expressway is free of charge is determined by the locality.

All in all, during the New Year's Day, the highway is not free.

1, Fuyin Expressway 700KM (Jiujiang Second Bridge Inter-provincial Port to Hubei, Jiulijiang New District, Bali City) As there are more queued trucks waiting in the direction of Hubei, it is recommended to go to Hubei or Anhui to choose Jiu Rui or Daguang Expressway to bypass the second bridge.

2, Hangrui Expressway 504KM Jiujiang to Nanchang direction (near Shahe Toll Station), it is recommended to avoid congestion roads, from The lion or the Yanshan South toll station is on the highway.

3, Fuyin Expressway The construction of the Changjiu section is easy, and the following sections are easy to be congested: 605KM, 614KM and 639KM for narrow road sections; 645KM-649KM and 671KM+672KM for narrow bridge sections; 645KM, 651KM, 664KM and 673KM for construction traffic transition to Jiujiang, to Nanchang There are 676KM and 645KM. It is recommended to pay attention to the road conditions before the trip. If there is congestion, please choose from 105 National Highway and Changjiu Avenue to and from Nanchang Jiujiang.

4, Hangrui Expressway 475KM-480KM (in the territory of Quxi District, Jiujiang City, Jingdezhen to Jiujiang direction), Due to the construction of the road outside the Jiujiang East Toll Station, the road section is subject to a single two-way traffic, which is likely to cause traffic congestion. Please pay close attention to the road conditions before the trip to avoid the congestion period.

5, Dujiu Expressway 57KM+350M Nanchang to Xingzi direction hot spring toll station, due to a large number of trucks crossing the 105 national highway, As a result, the vehicles from the hot spring toll station in Nanchang direction are prone to slow traffic. Please take the hot spring toll station from Nanchang to Lushan City, Donglin Big Buddha, and 105 National Road (Changjiu Avenue). From the Dujiu Expressway Mahuiling Toll Station In order to avoid waiting in line.

1, Fuyin Expressway 634KM (in Yongshen County) east line, Yongwu Expressway, the section is downhill section, Moreover, for the forked intersection, the phenomenon that the vehicle stops watching and selects the route is frequent, and it is easy to cause a rear-end collision.

2. The Jiu Rui Interchange Hub ( 683km of Fuyin Expressway) recommends that the passing vehicles slow down and plan the route in advance.

3, Fuyin Expressway Yongxiu to Aicheng section (intensive traffic), 647KM (narrow bridge plus slope), 672KM (to Nanchang direction, narrow bridge section), 658KM-664KM (single two-way Road section).

4, Daguang Expressway 2679 km 700 meters (with Xitong, Guangdong to Hubei direction). Early warning: It is easy to send a mine with a rear-end collision. Please pay attention to the road sign in advance, and do not stop at the same time.

5, Hangrui Expressway Hukou toll station to Xingang toll station two-way, 462km-478km (in Hukou County, Jiangxi Province), the traffic volume of this section is relatively prone to rear-end accidents. Traffic police reminder: Please control the speed of the car, keep the distance between the cars, pay attention to the use of lights through the tunnel, pay attention to observe and confirm the safety.

(1) Reasonable choice of driving route. During the festival, please consult the road conditions before you travel, know the driving routes of the route, high-speed intercommunication, high-speed entrances and exits, traffic congestion and weather conditions in advance, and pay attention to slow down in rainy days.

(2) Maintain good driving conditions. Before going out, you should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle condition, focusing on the inspection of the vehicle direction, brakes, tires, oil passages, lights, wipers, etc., and equipped with equipment such as fault triangles and toolboxes to ensure the safety of the vehicle. Drive on the road and carry out maintenance or comprehensive inspection of the vehicle in advance if necessary.

(3) Eliminate traffic violations. Travel during the holiday season, please arrange a reasonable rest time to ensure adequate sleep, try not to drive at night. When driving at night or driving in a tunnel, please use the lights correctly. If you feel sleepy, blurred, and not concentrated, please choose a safe place to stop and rest. In the case of rain and snow, slippery roads, slow down, do not speed, occupy the road, steal. In case of heavy road traffic, please be patient, don't be impatient, line up in order; speeding, overcrowding, and fatigue driving are strictly prohibited; illegal parking, reverse, and retrograde are strictly prohibited; driving is prohibited.

(4) Minivans should drive safely. The design speed of small and mini vans is low, the safety performance of the car is not high, the stability is poor after the overcrowding, the braking efficiency is obviously reduced, and traffic accidents are easy to occur. Please drive the driver to refuse speeding, overloading, overcrowding, mixed cargo and other illegal activities to avoid one person long distance. Driving through the night and driving fatigue.

(5) A minor accident occurs quickly and quickly. When the vehicle fails, it is necessary to move the vehicle to the shoulder of the road in time, turn on the double flashing lights, and set a triangular signboard 150 meters away from the direction of the incoming vehicle. In the event of a minor traffic accident that does not cause any casualties, you should evacuate the site immediately after taking pictures on the premise of ensuring safety. After driving to the highway shoulder, parking area, and service area, you should negotiate or handle the traffic police to prevent traffic congestion. Or cause a second accident.


Because of the construction of the road outside the Jiujiang East Toll Station of Hangrui Expressway, in the case of large flow, the overall traffic efficiency of the above sections will be greatly reduced, so it is easy to cause the car. More slow and traffic jams.

About avoidance

Method 1: You can choose to take the high-speed rail and travel by car. The high-speed rail and EMUs from Jiujiang to Hukou, Duchang, Fuyang and Jingdezhen have been opened. And the number of trips is short and time-consuming.

Method 2: If you have to drive back and forth, be sure to pay attention to real-time traffic conditions and avoid congestion periods.