Heartache! The 24-year-old boy was enthusiastic to save people, but he was taken away by his life... the netizen angered the culprit!

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Heartache! The 24-year-old boy was enthusiastic to save people, but he was taken away by his life... the netizen angered the culprit!

2018-12-28 00:25:01 408 ℃
In the past two days, many netizens on the social platform were saddened by a young man. "Hey Dad's family, there is no father."

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The netizen said, "Hey Dad,"

is this young man named 闵,

24 years old, the only son in the family.


A kind-hearted and enthusiastic young man was knocked down by a drunk driver in the process of helping others, and he left the world forever... /blockquote>

At 22 o'clock on the evening of December 22, G2 Beijing-Shanghai Expressway (towards the city) is about one kilometer past G15 A white truck turned sideways and the driver was trapped inside the car.

When a girlfriend and his girlfriend drove through the car, they parked the car in the emergency lane in front of the truck and then got off the rescue.

At this time, a blue van arrived at this time, causing the vehicle to roll over due to improper operation, hitting the former white truck and Zou, causing Zou to die on the spot.

After the police found out, The blue truck driver Feng Mou was drunk driving, blood alcohol concentration reached 221mg /100ml At present, Feng Mou (male, 37, Henan) was criminally detained by the police on suspicion of traffic accidents, and the case is under further investigation.

Girlfriend weeping: "He is the kindest and best person I have ever seen"

Small is a kind and caring guy, seeing others If you are in trouble, you are willing to help. Usually you have been helping stray dogs and cats. He and his girlfriend shared a lot of videos about helping and adopting sick animals. Many netizens also got to know "the family of Dad."

On the night of the incident, Xiaoyan and his girlfriend went to Jiading to adopt an unaccompanied Golden Retriever dog. On the way back to Pudong, they encountered the accident.

A person was found trapped in a white van, and Xiaoyan disregarded his girlfriend’s dissuasion and insisted on getting off to save people.

Small car parked in the emergency lane, leaving his girlfriend in the car and getting off the bus.

After a minute or two, my girlfriend heard a loud noise. It turned out that Xiaoyan was knocked down by a blue truck at the rear, lying on the ground unconscious...

Girlfriends recall ▼

"We parked the car in the first car The side of the white truck was turned over and a warning sign was placed about 50 meters behind the truck. The whole process of getting off the vehicle to ensure the safety of the person, who knows the tragedy is coming."

"We The car was parked about 50 meters in front of the white lorry. The blue lorry hit the turned-out white lorry, and then it rolled over, slid over our car and slammed into the shack, and he had no heartbeat on the spot. "

The girlfriend said that after the police arrived, Feng Mo, a blue truck driver, was suspected of drunk driving. He didn't even realize what was happening, and he was drunk in the police station.

Rescuing a road accident,

Be sure to protect yourself first

After the tragedy,

netizens expressed their heartache,

In order to save others,

This is the result that everyone does not want to see.


Some netizens also reminded at the same time that accidents or anchors occurred on the highway, and measures must be taken to ensure their own safety.


Users strongly condemn

Drug driving behavior harms others!

According to his girlfriend, Otaru has parked his car at the time. In the emergency lane, warning signs are also placed. For drunk drivers, it is ineffective. Driver drunk driving is the culprit of tragedy.

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Don't drink, drink, don't drive

Responsible for the lives of yourself and others

Please remember all!