Dissatisfied with the group, she hired a murderer to kill the old classmates, and the result hahahahaha...

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Dissatisfied with the group, she hired a murderer to kill the old classmates, and the result hahahahaha...

2018-12-28 00:25:00 1276 ℃

In July 2017, a woman searched for a "professional killer" through the Internet. Her goal was to lead a classmate in the primary school. I didn't expect to have a "professional killer" to take orders, but I didn't even think of it...

Being pulled into the group by the classmates, the heart is strongly hateful

In June 2016, a certain elementary school student from the Xiangtan Liu in Hunan Province, she was dragged into the classmate WeChat group. Liu has a general living condition, suffering from mental illness and psychological disorders. She thinks that the students in the group are stimulating her by comparing things like life.

Liu’s dissatisfaction was sent to Duan Xiu, who pulled her into the group. The strong hatred caused Liu to lose his senses and produced a crazy thought: killing Duan Xiu .

Online search for "professional killer"

In July 2017, Liu posted a message on the Internet to find "killer" to kill Duan Xiu. Also looking for "professional killers" online.

Liu found a message left by a man named "Blue Fei" through a website. The other party claimed that he was a "professional killer."

Liu and "Blue Fei" get in touch, in order to let Liu believe in his "ability", "Blue Fei" searched for a similar killing picture, lied that the killing incident is his Handwriting. After several online chats, Liu finally believed that "Blue Flying" was the "professional killer" she was looking for.

The two agreed:

killing a certain show The commission is 90,000 yuan, first charge 40% of the deposit;

Liu will provide Duan Xiu's commute line, and then "Blue Fei" will kill Duan Xiu on the way, and pretend to be Robbery and murder scenes evade investigation.

According to the plan, Liu first stepped on the road to Duan’s commute. After that, she sent the line to “Blue Flying” and paid 24,000 yuan in cash. However, she did not see “Blue Flying”. action.

Father found 蹊跷

When a two-person phone contacted, Liu’s father happened to hear and thought that his daughter had moved the deposit at home, he felt more and more embarrassed. , 报 report to the police. The public security system network supervision department also found this situation in the investigation of cybercrime, and stopped this farce.

Liar: The IQ of a woman who buys a murderer will not be high

The so-called professional killer "Bluefly" is called Zhang Mofei. After he arrived at the case, he explained that in 2015 he entered a QQ group called "professional killer" and saw that there was a chat record about hiring murder. Without relevant experience, he first learned "speech".

Zhang Mofei owed a large debt outside, and he came up with the idea of ​​cheating money instead of being a real killer.

So he built a QQ group called "Professional Killer" and left the QQ contact number until July 2017, when a strange QQ application applied to add him as a friend, the other party asked him Help kill a person named Shaomou in Shaoyang. Zhang Moufei believes that women who buy murderous people on the Internet will not be high IQ, and should be able to lie to spend a little money.

Prosecutor’s Office: Belonging to the preparatory stage but subjectively malicious

< p>The accused Liu hired a killer for the purpose of illegally depriving others of his life, and his behavior constituted a crime of intentional homicide. The defendant Zhang Mofei used the means of concealing the truth for the purpose of illegal possession, defrauding a large amount of property, and his behavior constituted a crime of fraud.

Liu is a crime-making condition and is prepared for crime. He has partial criminal responsibility when committing crimes, and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime after the case, combined with the facts and circumstances of the case, the Yuhu District Procuratorate believes Liu punishes him lightly and is suitable for non-custodial punishment to see the effect. After Zhang flew to the case, he confessed the facts of the crime truthfully, and his defense of the nature of the act did not affect the establishment of the frankness, but he could be given a lighter punishment.

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@No Moutai drinking beer:

I don’t know who to laugh at the moment...

@_K-Y_ :

"The IQ of a woman who buys a murderer on the Internet will not be high." I have to say that A Fei is very accurate in watching people.


The killer is just my title, the liar is my profession!


This news tells me. Don't just pull others into the group.


It’s a big deal, our classmates are not all the show cars, but the unscrupulous show, I don’t have any , silently block group messages.