Indian officials spit the train late for 9 hours: "Forget the bullet train, fix the existing one first"

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Indian officials spit the train late for 9 hours: "Forget the bullet train, fix the existing one first"

2018-12-28 00:25:04 405 ℃

Reference News Network reported on December 28 Indian media said that the leader of the Indian People’s Party from Amritsar, Lakmi Canta Chora, was on the Saliu-Yamuna train. Was blocked for more than 10 hours. She took a video on the train and called on the government to "get out of the bullet train, fix the existing one first."

According to the Hindustan Times website reported on December 26, crazy on social media A video of the biography shows that Chora is sitting on the train and talking about the problems she and the passengers must face in the long train journey.

She said in the video: "Forget the bullet train, focus on the train that is already running."

The report said that Chora served as the minister of Punjab and was in charge of medical care. The business, and later responsible for social welfare affairs, she filmed this video on the AC-3 train in Saliu-Yamuna.

She said: "This train was once called 'flight mail'. I don't remember when it 'fly' to the destination. Today this car has been driving for eight hours a day, We have not yet arrived at the destination. It is already 9 hours late."

She also said: "I appeal to Prime Minister Modi and the government, please have some pity for our ordinary people. The train is so dilapidated The state, the door is broken, the toilet faucet is broken, the toilet seat is broken... For some reason, the train route has to be changed, and we have not got any information. The train has not been in the car for the past 10 hours. The people arranged the food."

"Don't pipe the warhead. Forget the trains that are 120 kilometers or 200 kilometers per hour. First solve the trains that are already running," Chora said.

The report said that she also talked about the terrible situation of the train station.

Qola said: "There is no waiting room here, people have to stand on the platform in the cold waiting for the bus."

According to Indian media reports, India is building the country's first The high-speed railway from Mumbai to Ahmedabad is expected to be put into use in 2022.