Beijing “Yugong” wears Taihang: “Put the Taihang like a candied haws”

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Beijing “Yugong” wears Taihang: “Put the Taihang like a candied haws”

2018-12-28 00:25:07 216 ℃

Original title: Beijing "Yugong" wears Taihang: "Take the Taihang like a candied haws"

Xinhua News Agency, Zhengzhou, December 27th, December 26th, 58-year-old Liu Xinsheng early in the morning Then came to the "Yugong hometown" - the construction site of the Taihang super-long tunnel deep in Taihang Mountain, Jiyuan City, Henan Province. As the excavator smashed the last piece of earth and stone, a smashing mountain breeze came, and the two "Yugong" teams in Beijing finally "consulted" and penetrated the Jiyang Expressway (Henan Jiyuan to Shanxi Yangcheng). The last mountain in the province is connected to the two provinces.

Liu Xinsheng is the secretary of the Jiyang Expressway project in Beijing, China. The Jiyang Expressway is the highest and most complex road project in Henan Province. On the 26th, this group of Beijing "Yugong" completed the dream of "like a candied fruit" to string together the Taihang Mountains in the hometown of Yugong.

Jiyang Expressway departs from Niujiaodong, Jiyuan City, the junction of Jinyu and Henan, all the way to the south via Jiaoshuping Bridge, Jiaoshuping Tunnel, Yingpanhe Bridge, Taihang Tunnel, Zhangzhuang Tunnel, Taoyuanling Tunnel 1, Taoyuanling Tunnel No. 2, Qianzhuang Bridge, Qinling Mountain Tunnel and Zhanghe Tunnel pass through the Taihang Line and enter the hinterland of the Central Plains. Although the 1st project through Taihang is only 12.56 kilometers, the bridge to tunnel ratio is as high as 93.4%.

"The route goes downhill from north to south, with a drop of 460 meters from the beginning to the end. It is necessary to take into account the requirements of the high speed on the slope. You can only make holes in the middle of the mountain and string the Taihang like a candied fruit." Mid-Autumn Festival 2016 In order to build this highly difficult project, the China Communications Bureau sent Zhao Huijun, who was awarded the “Technology Innovation Talents” and “Tunnel Excellent Engineers” in the national highway construction industry, to Yugong’s hometown as a project manager.

The first time I saw the Taihang Mountain, which was steeply steep, the "Yugong" from Beijing was still somewhat guilty. Zhao Huijun said that for construction, the workers can only repair the road to the foot of each mountain, and then repair the mountain. "The ratio of the length of the general project to the length of the road is 1:1, but this project is as high as 3.5."

Engineering construction, electric power first. Before the construction, the workers built the power grid along the top of Taihang. Many working sites have no stable water source within 10 kilometers, and workers still have to play many deep wells of more than 600 meters. "The frontline has not yet started, and it has already done a lot of engineering work," said Han Wensheng, project coordination manager.

Beginning to dig the bridge, the workers found that many of the steep walls of the mountainside could not stand a huge construction team. Beijing “Yugong” also designed “reverse hole” according to the double tunnel: first build a platform in the valley, dig a tunnel, then dig into the middle of the mountain, then cross a hole and dig another piece from the middle to the ends of the mountain. tunnel.

Complex construction conditions and construction methods, most afraid of tunnel line deviation. The chief engineer of the project, Fu Zhiqiang, said that in order to ensure the precision of “needle-punching” in the Taihang Mountains, the project uses BIM to visualize the building model, repeatedly compare the drawings and construction progress, and at the same time use the Beidou positioning and geological radar to install the “clairvoyance” for the construction. Accurately detect the distance from 30 meters to 150 meters ahead.

"Technology is getting more and more developed, but the spirit of Yugong can't be lost." Zhao Huijun said, "Not every engineering person has the opportunity to cross the Taihang in the hometown of Yugong, we have to leave a project."