On December 28th, the price of pigs: The cold wave struck, helping pig prices soar, can pig farmers sell pigs?

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On December 28th, the price of pigs: The cold wave struck, helping pig prices soar, can pig farmers sell pigs?

2018-12-28 00:25:08 216 ℃

February 28th, the price of pigs: The cold wave struck, the pig price won a big rise, can pig farmers sell pigs?

Hello everyone, here is the "pig friend Baba" to share the new things in the countryside every day, more interesting and cold knowledge! Recently, with the arrival of a cold wave, this country will also spend the "severe winter" in 2018, but the cold winter is hard to hide the "dark joy" in the heart! In the past few months, with the emergence of African swine fever, pig prices have continued to fall in shocks, especially in the three eastern provinces, pigs have fallen below the industry's (5.5-6) ​​yuan profit and loss line. ! Many pigs feel that the price of pigs in the southwest is so expensive. If you are in the southwest, it will be fine! Today, the price of pigs has risen, where has risen and where has fallen! Please look down:

According to the quotations of slaughter companies across the country, the price of pigs in 9 provinces has risen today, 5 The provinces and cities have seen a decline, as many as 12 provinces and cities; among them, the price of pigs in the southwest region began to rise, Sichuan's highest offer reached 10.5 yuan / kg; while Guangdong, Fujian also rose significantly, the highest price More than 11 yuan / kg; and for the three northeastern provinces in the low-cost zone, the overall increase is the main, Heilongjiang pig price 4.1~4.7 yuan, but also far lower than other places!

The hog price has widened in a wide range, and there has been a certain increase in the northeast, southwest and south China regions! Affected by the cold weather, and the influence of “point-to-point meat adjustment”, the price of pigs in the northeast continues to rise. With the gradual stabilization of the epidemic, the arrival of the New Year’s Day holiday and the influence of multiple favorable factors, the price of live pigs has begun to heat up! This is true, many pig farmers are more happy than the New Year. Many farmers ask, can you sell pigs now?

As we all know, for pig farmers, there is a situation of "chasing up and selling down". As New Year's Day approaches, The pickling of southern bacon has gradually come to an end. For many butchers, most of them have entered the end! In particular, for large-scale farms, the pig transport has been changed to “point-to-point meat”. Under the low-priced pork market, pork in some high-priced areas has also declined. However, at present, the market supply is still More than demand, therefore, the price of live pigs will not rise even more in the short term! Therefore, we still remind everyone that we must "follow the ups and downs" and arrange the time for the pigs to be arranged! In today, for some pig farmers, you can lose less, in fact, you earned it! For this year, are you still preparing for the bar?

[Pig friend Baba] serves the three rural areas and focuses on the countryside. How do you think about the price of live pigs today? ? In your opinion, how will the future pig price develop? Can pig farmers now sell pigs?