Men’s elevated madness 248 km\x2f hours Suspected dangerous driving was arrested by Shanghai police

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Men’s elevated madness 248 km\x2f hours Suspected dangerous driving was arrested by Shanghai police

2018-12-28 10:25:03 436 ℃

The man drove late in the night in Shanghai to 248 km / h, and the driving video was transmitted to the Internet by friends, causing many netizens to condemn. After the Pudong police were informed, they immediately investigated the incident and, after 5 hours, summoned the driver in the video, Zhou, to the case. Zhou is currently criminally detained by the Shanghai Pudong police for suspected dangerous driving.

Self-proclaimed that his son was sick and rushed home to get out of the car

In this video, a motor vehicle was driving at high speed on the elevated road, showing at the bottom of the screen. The time was on the evening of October 18, and the speed increased rapidly from 80 km/h in a short time, up to 248 km/h. According to the clues and screen analysis comparisons provided by the netizens, the Pudong police confirmed that the vehicle in the video was the elevated section of the Pudong Central Ring Resort, and then quickly locked the suspect vehicle into the Shanghai A64*** car. The car owner information is one week. The surname is the driver.

Zhou was criminally detained on suspicion of dangerous driving

Pudong on the evening of December 24 The police summoned Zhou to the case according to law. Zhou confessed that on October 18th, he rushed from Baoshan to Pudong, and increased his horsepower speeding when driving to the elevated place in the Pudong Central elevated transfer resort. It admitted that it had observed that the vehicle's dashboard had a top speed of 240 km/h. Afterwards, Zhou recorded the video recorded by this driving recorder in the WeChat group.

According to Zhou’s arrival, the incident said that the night of the incident, the son’s illness was eager to go home and “opened faster”. "This is the fastest time in my life. At that time, I came up with the idea of ​​keeping the video."

After the video exposure, some netizens condemned the driver for not only illegally releasing video to show off, "it is simply I can’t watch it, it’s too arrogant.” According to Zhou, he only sent the video to a friend, but he did not expect to be rumored. “A friend asked me which road in Shanghai was going to be picked up faster and would not be photographed by the electronic police. I sent this video to him. He sent the video to the group of friends and then spread it to the Internet.” /p>

After arriving at the case, Zhou claimed to regret his behavior of speeding, and advised the driver of the express train to take the lead and not to make fun of himself and others. At present, Zhou was criminally detained by the Pudong police on suspicion of dangerous driving, and the case is under further investigation.

The police reminded the driver that driving a motor vehicle should comply with traffic regulations. Under all circumstances, the speed should be strictly controlled to prevent traffic violations such as speeding and dangerous driving.

The video comes from the "sports car group", which is uploaded by Zhou himself

The reporter noticed, " After the video exposure of the late-night Shanghai elevated train, some netizens revealed that the video was from a WeChat group called "AMG45, Shanghai Exchange Group". Screenshots provided by netizens show that at 23:40 on the evening of December 21, a group of friends named "Z" in the group called a group of friends to the Disney Hotel to gather, and said "no probe", then uploaded this paragraph The "Late Night Shanghai Elevated Brake" video with a time of 1 minute and 58 seconds.

At 0:02 on December 22, a netizen named "Pudong-A45-mike" uploaded photos of two vehicles parked in front of the Disney Hotel in the group and said "I want to disturb the people tonight."

"z" (Zhoumou) uploads the WeChat group of videos


According to the exposure, netizens told the media that the WeChat group named "AMG45, Shanghai Exchange Group" had a total of 323 people. It has been established for about one year, and occasionally organized car racing activities. Most of the group's riders have had a car. behavior.

The reporter was informed that the group name "Z" is Zhou. For the 21st late night, the Disney Hotel was driving with the group of friends. Zhou said that "it was going to eat late at night." (Yu Yuqing, Lin Linhua)