The temperature is diving! New Year's Day holiday to be ruined? But what is unexpected is...

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The temperature is diving! New Year's Day holiday to be ruined? But what is unexpected is...

2018-12-28 10:25:10 252 ℃

Cold wave resurgence

Cold air year-end drama Coming soon! !

As for the New Year’s Day holiday (December 30th - January 1st next year) weather
< /p>

In short, it is a word-cold

It is northerly and cold rain

Guangzhou minimum temperature drops to 5°C

High Hanshan District Minutes to Zero

Everyone must prepare the Qiuyi Qiuku in advance!

Specific weather forecast↓

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The weather is not very good

Everyone is still clinging to the quilt at home.

Students who are at home may realize that

"People sit at home, courtesy from heaven"

Super big surprise

2018 is about to pass

The new year is coming soon

Reviewing the past year

Whether it is

authoritative release of major news information

Official interpretation of the latest Huimin policy

Timely follow-up of social and livelihood information

Guangzi has been with you all the time

We are always committed to doing

"The government's micro-release, the people's micro-life

This is the case in 2018, and will continue to improve in 2019

The new year, the new starting point

At the beginning of the last year, how can there be no "ritual"

Fourth Quarter Member Day 2018

As the last member day event of this year

This gift must be more!

In addition to the various gifts for regular redemption

Specially set 210 killer awards

Yes ! 210 copies!

Even if you sign up today

can participate in spikes

Hurry up

Event Rules

I. Redemption time

At 20:00 on December 28, 2018


18:00 on January 31, 2019

Second, redemption< /p>

Everyone can only redeem one gift

If you find more than one

, the first one will be redeemed


Quantity: 2

Redeeming points: 3500 points

Pocket audio

Quantity: 4

Redemption points: 3000 points

Latex Pillow

Quantity: 4

Exchange Points: 2000 points

Electric cooker

Quantity: 4

Redemption points: 1700 points

2019 Folklore Cantonese

Quantity: 20 books

Redemption points: 1000 points

nut spree

Quantity: 40 boxes

Redemption points: 900 points

Quantity: 40 copies

Redemption points: 500 points

Second prizes

1. Folk Cantonese Calendar (10 copies)

2. Full Netcom 10 Yuan Phone Fee (200 copies)

Only 25 points can be redeemed

Equivalent to new users signing up today as a member

Sign in 1 time+ 5 interactions + 3 articles read

A chance to get these 210 killing gifts

After reading so many rich and valuable prizes

Is it very exciting?

What if I am not a member?

Let Guangzi teach you how to do it

How to become a VIP member?

Swipe through the guide


WeChat public account background menu bar "Micro Activity"

"Electronic Membership Card"< /strong>Register related information

"Electronic Membership Card After

"Login Membership Card"

(Note: Information must be filled in to facilitate redemption)

You can start earning points after registration is completed

Get points can be passed below Get in three ways

Daily sign-in to earn points (5 points/day)

Interactive earn points (1 point/time, daily limit 5 points)

Read earn points (5 points/page, 15 points per day)

After successful redemption of points@

Go to the member center page

Guangzi warm reminder< /strong>

"Please fill in your real name and contact information

otherwise it may result in an unrewardable award

Membership tutorial ends here

广仔 Everyone redeems to your favorite items

8 o'clock tonight

Guangdong Post Fame Member Day officially begins

You guys remember to adjust the alarm clock

A little slower will miss the super good things above

Hurry and run around and tell friends around you

Guangdong’s release of this pet is really “壕” unmanned

< p>Planning: Guangdong Release

Editor: Xie Mingjun