Nearly 10,000 people gathered in the city, what are they doing on such a cold day?

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Nearly 10,000 people gathered in the city, what are they doing on such a cold day?

2018-12-29 18:32:41 254 ℃

How many people in your circle of friends are "running" every day? 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers, half horses, all horses... Even if you are not in the sports circle, you can feel the vitality of the national fitness.

As a lower threshold, sports have become a healthy and fashionable lifestyle in recent years. To attract people of all ages to participate.

This morning, in order to 2019 "Colorful Yunnan" Wenshan City, the 41st New Year's Day National Fitness Run (go) Nearly 10,000 people gathered in Wenshan City's No. 1 High School. Of course, Xiaoxiang also sneaked in it, collecting photos for everyone to go to 2019.

It is reported that this long-distance running (walking) event was sponsored by Wenshan Prefecture National Fitness Guidance Coordination Committee and hosted by Wenshan Municipal People's Government. The State Federation of Trade Unions, the State Education Bureau, the State Culture, Radio, Film and Television Bureau, and the Wenshan City Sports Radio and Sports Tourism Bureau and the Wenshan Sports Facilities Management Service Center. The long-distance running (walking) event consists of 181 units and people from all walks of life, with nearly 10,000 participants.

When you look at this person, you know how spectacular the scene is!

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The most energetic is these students, stepping on the neat pace, shouting slogans, although the morning weather is still cold, the road is still a little bit Sliding, they are still full of vigor.

National Fitness The long-distance running (walking) activity is a traditional sports event in the city. It is also a national fitness activity that participates in the whole society. It not only enriches the cultural and sports life of the general public, promotes a civilized lifestyle, and fully demonstrates the public's efforts. A vigorous and uplifting spirit.