The cold wave is sincere and full. This safety reminder is full of sincerity |

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The cold wave is sincere and full. This safety reminder is full of sincerity |

2018-12-29 18:32:55 239 ℃

In the past two days, was the big guy crying?

△ GIF map: Three days of "frozen crying" warning map on 28, 29, and 30 days. (See the watermark for the source of the image)

Don’t cry, the little brother who is typing for you is already in a “frozen” state.

So today he decisively wears a hat to protect the only IQ left in the cold wind...

This "cold" day will not end soon. In order to fight for performance, the cold air "builds momentum" throughout the year: sustained by this strong cold air The impact, from December 28 to 31, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Southwest China, Jianghan South, Jiangnan...

哎! It is very troublesome to list one by one, so it is described as the scope of the impact of the wind and wind cooling: under the heavens, it is not the king.

△ In the next three days, temperatures in more than 80% of the country will be low. (Photo: China Weather Network)

Since the "cross-year momentum" is said, the cold air is of course a breath to let you cry from this year to next year: the next 10 days (December 28 - On January 6, 2019, the temperature in most parts of China was 1~3 °C lower than normal. The temperature in some areas of Northwest, Southwest, Jiangnan and South China was 4~5 °C lower than normal. The main low-temperature period appeared before January 3, 2019 - through the New Year's Day holiday, the cold air is sincere, enough!

When the last temperature was lowered, we said that the snow tires that were replaced (click on the blue word to understand the safety of snow and ice roads) were smoothed, and the snow in the north did not come. Don't be afraid, this time is still not likely to come.

According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, in the next few days, the rain and snow in the northern regions will be scarce, but the south will be different: the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the southeastern part of the northwest, the southwestern part of the country, and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and most of the south. There are rain and snow in the area, from the east of the southwest to the northern part of the river, even to heavy snow and local snowstorms.

So, very few southerners who have seen snowfall,

Come and learn → "Rain Snowy safe driving small coup.

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Of course, the hot car and heating function that are rarely used in normal times, you also need to master speed. → Ice and snow, do you know how to heat and warm?

Do not disappoint the little friends in the north, want to see the snow, go to the south; do not want to see, there will be a lot of troubles in the north. ↓

( Transferred from "Public Security Micro-Publishing of the Ministry of Public Security")