The probation test period is still not repentant. Shouxian Guanyu and other people involved in the black case first verdict

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The probation test period is still not repentant. Shouxian Guanyu and other people involved in the black case first verdict

2018-12-29 18:32:58 459 ℃

Xin'an Evening News Anhui Net Daxie Client News The reporter learned from the Huainan People's Procuratorate today that 10 people including Guan Yu, who was prosecuted by the Anhui Provincial Procuratorate and prosecuted by the Shouxian People's Procuratorate, were involved in black crimes. In the group case, the court made a first-instance judgment.

The prosecution alleged that since 2013, Guan Yu has used his clan and friends as a link to consolidate his strong position. The monopoly of the illegal sand mining market in the Huaihe River section of the Huaihe River was sentenced to criminal detention and was in a probation period due to the crime of extortion. It still did not repent and cooperated in the long-term operation of the dock and illegal sand mining in the town of Shuogou, Shou County. Li Tongcheng and others organized and established an illegal "sanding association" and gradually absorbed Fang Jiejiang and others to join, forming a leader and leader in Guanyu, with Li Tongcheng, Guan Rulei, Fang Jiejiang and Shen Yonghong as active. Participants, Li Duoqin and other relatively stable criminal organizations.

The illegal “sanding association” forced the owner of each sand mining vessel to pay the “management fee” to join the association, accept unified management, and stipulate that the sand mining vessel should not join the “sanding association”. Sand mining and docking at Tiangang Village and Fangyu Village of Qigou Town, Shou County, Huaihe River are not allowed. If it is found, it will be driven away, but it will be barge. It will dominate the local illegal sand mining industry and form a monopoly. It ignores the authority of the government and publicly insults and threatens the state staff when the law enforcement department manages illegal sand mining. The illegal control and significant impact of the Fanggang Tiangang section of the Shouxian County of Huaihe River.

The procuratorate believes that Guan Yu, Li Tongcheng, Guan Rulei, Fang Jiejiang, Guan Zhengzhu and other 10 people are suspected of organizing leaders to participate in the crimes of organized crimes, gathering crimes, illegal detention, extortion Crimes, illegal mining, and crimes of seeking trouble should be investigated for their criminal responsibility.

The trial court of the first instance held that Guan Yu’s behavior constituted the crime of organizing and leading the underworld organization, extortion, massonding, harassment, illegal detention, illegal mining, and several crimes. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison and fined 121,000 yuan and deprived of political rights for 4 years; Guan Rulei and others were found guilty of involvement in organized crimes, extortion, harassment, illegal mining, agglomeration, illegal The crime of detention, etc., was sentenced to 14 years in prison and to 4 months in custody.

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