After Taobao bought a new mobile phone, it was discovered that it was stolen.

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After Taobao bought a new mobile phone, it was discovered that it was stolen.

2019-01-02 09:03:25 427 ℃

Recently, the audience, Ms. Li, told the news hotline 65159063 that she lost her mobile phone and bought it from a store in Taobao APP Shenzhen on December 20. A new mobile phone, I did not expect it to be a stolen machine:

Ms. Li: Like the new one, when the new machine is opened, the packaging is intact, even the film barcode has But when I booted up, I found a lot of photos. I went to the hospital for information and express information. The name ID number and mobile phone number are all there. I call the owner. The owner is Mianyang, Sichuan, and was stolen last week. The seller said to give me a refund, the supplier's address is the sales department of Shenzhen Futian Jingfu Building.

In the midst of anger, Ms. Li is more worried about whether her lost phone will be resold as such:

Ms. Li: Whose phone will be stolen. And after you have finished stealing, you can sell it right away. Everyone has broken your password. You don't need your fingerprint to prove it. This channel is almost straight. After stealing it for less than a week, you will get it from Sichuan, and it will be refurbished and packaged. Like the new one, it is sold all over the country.

Anxious Ms. Li then called Taobao customer service to seek intervention, but Taobao customer service said that the only thing the platform can help at the moment is that it can apply for a refund.

Taobao customer service: The business is indeed doing the wrong thing. We Taobao is also building a counterfeit goods. The merchants will return to our management and control department and have already applied for it. This has already been involved. It can be said that Leave some credentials, pictures.

But Ms. Li’s feedback to reporters said that after the intervention of Taobao merchants, they can only apply for a refund, and it must be reported by the mobile phone to lose money. This makes Ms. Li feel very disappointed:

Ms. Li: What might be fake? But I didn’t say that there is something wrong with it? Genuine or second-hand we can accept it, you can use it, but before I buy, you have to tell me that it is second-hand. After stealing the phone, it has been sold successfully in a few days. And packaging, what is the same as the new one, is not a problem of selling fakes, it is a problem of selling thieves.

So, what is the attitude of the seller? The reporter contacted the seller in Shenzhen, he hopes to be able to handle it privately:

Store: privately, send it, I will arrive Upon receipt, a direct refund will be given.

Reporter: Where is the refund information written?

Store: The delivery address is the supplier. When he arrives, someone will help him sign it. He will definitely recognize it, warranty one. Returned within 15 days of the year.

Reporter: The order and delivery address are Futian Aihua Road. Are the suppliers' locations?

Store: Right.

Reporter: You are only responsible for the online order, the order is given to the supplier, the supplier is straightforward?

Store: I help the supplier to sell this machine, sell one Just go to him to get the goods, I will not go back to the goods myself. He is also the goods that have been taken through several channels. He got it with me from Huaqiang North. Everywhere, some of them were collected by the second recycling company.

Reporter: Is this label licensed or not, and what is the barcode really true?

Store: I don’t know if the company has insiders or what? , pour it out, there are those channels. The outer packaging is sealed.

Because Taobao stores claim that they are only responsible for the bills, they are not responsible for shipping and receiving, which is the so-called purse account. The previous shipping address and the promised return address are all so-called suppliers. Ms. Li and her lawyer wanted to use the express delivery number to track the source of the stolen products, but found difficulties. Ms. Li herself and the reporter have tried to report to the Beijing 110 platform, the police said.

Beijing 110: The specific address of the delivery is in Shenzhen, then you can call the area code of Shenzhen and dial 110 to reflect this situation. I can't handle the alarm in different places. I can only accept the Beijing area. Criminal cases inside. Is there no online transfer system? No.

The reporter also reflected this situation to Shenzhen Futian Police Station:

Shenzhen Futian Police Station 2: Buying a mobile phone online and buying a stockpile? Where was it stolen, by the party Alarm at the incident.

Reporter: I don't ask for theft, I only ask to sell the thieves, selling thieves is also illegal?

Shenzhen Futian Police Station 2: In Shenzhen Futian, we will check.

Reporter: You don't ask me about his contact information. Can you find it?

Shenzhen Futian Police Station 2: We will verify it

Reporter: How do you check it out? Do you want to register my number? Or do you have this attitude?

Shenzhen Futian Police Station 2: If you ask him about his call, how long will it reply me? do not know.

Ms. Li also said that when she reported the police, the Shenzhen police did not earnestly obtain evidence of their own clues. There is no possibility of handling the police for the time being. Therefore, the reporter had to reflect this issue to the Ministry of Public Security network crime reporting platform. Internet lawyer Liu Chunquan said that in this case, the seller from the civil perspective constitutes an act that harms the consumer's right to know, and should be refunded three times; from a criminal point of view, this is sold and should be recovered. The police who sell and steal have jurisdiction. The case also reflects the existence of a possible problem of sales and legal liability behind the e-commerce, evading the state's supervision of sellers. For this incident, the police and Taobao should not be pushed, the news hotline will continue to ask.