The Zhihe District of Yantai City launched the “Qinghe Action” to look back at the event.

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The Zhihe District of Yantai City launched the “Qinghe Action” to look back at the event.

2019-01-02 09:03:25 447 ℃

Size News Client January 2 (Reporter Yun Quan correspondent Wang Qi) Since last year, Zhifu District has been aiming at building a “no violation” river and lake, and comprehensively launched the “Qinghe Action Look Back” campaign to consolidate and deepen 2017. The results of the "Qinghe Action" in the year, resolutely investigate and deal with illegal activities such as chaos, chaos, chaos, chaos, chaos, etc. within the scope of management and protection of rivers and lakes, maintain good water order in rivers and lakes, and promote river and lake ecology. The environment continues to improve and improve, achieving the goals of Shuiqing, Hechang, Lun Green and Jingmei.

Highly valued and strengthened leadership. The "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Long System of the Long River System" was issued, and it is required to carry out all-round river long river patrol activities at all levels. According to the district-level river long, the river should be patrolled no less than once a month. There is no less than one patrol in the river, and the total requirement of the river-level river governor is not less than one time per week. Combined with the “Qinghe Action Looking Back” activity, the river chiefs at all levels coordinate and solve key and difficult problems on the spot.

It’s hard to do it. Carry out comprehensive river environmental sanitation comprehensive remediation actions, combined with the comprehensive environmental management “100-day attack and improvement” activities, clean up the floating surface water floating objects and surrounding garbage, and clean up and rectify the messy construction, chaos dumping, and chaos mining in the river management area. Up to now, there have been 13 problems found in the Qinghe operation in our district, and 13 have been rectified, and the completion rate of rectification is 100%. The district has cleared and transported more than 5,000 cubic meters of garbage and floating materials, and dredged more than 16,000 cubic meters. Moreover, it has shaped the important river sections and effectively created a hydrophilic environment.

Enrich the team, long-term management. Timely adjustment and enrichment of the river management team, give full play to the role of river managers, and regularly clean up garbage and surface floating objects around the river. At the same time, along the river street residence is equipped with river cleaning staff, mainly responsible for cleaning and maintenance of the corresponding river course. Among them, Huangwu Sub-district Office and Wolong Park Management Committee adopt the form of government purchase service, and sign an agreement with the property company, which will be responsible. Implement it to people and do segmentation management of the river. In addition, the District River Office organized a patrol APP training meeting to demonstrate the operation and use of the function modules such as the river patrol, problem assignment, statistical analysis, and river and lake information, which effectively improved the river clerk's professional quality.

In the next step, our district will continue to take effective measures to increase the rectification of rivers and lakes. On the basis of consolidating the results of the Qinghe operation, it will form a high-pressure situation and long-term effective prevention of various illegal activities in the rivers and lakes. Good management of rivers and lakes, vigorously improve the management level of rivers and lakes, focus on restoring the ecological environment of rivers and lakes in the demolition areas, and provide a strong guarantee for promoting the construction of ecological civilization.