I got a stinky bag, there are 2000 inside, the owner found it, and cut the pig’s hind leg directly to me.

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I got a stinky bag, there are 2000 inside, the owner found it, and cut the pig’s hind leg directly to me.

2019-01-02 09:03:41 1730 ℃

From small to how big, I will find a lot of things, then, what kind of "baby" did you immediately smash, and what do you think is very deep in memory, what other things do you find incredible?

This issue: What have you been to?

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Users: In Ningbo, she smashed an apple 7. To 2000, she gave 500. I don't agree. If you don't give her 2000, she will call the police. I dropped my phone.

Users: Ten years ago, I walked on the road in the early winter. A 70-year-old man called me to slow down. I thought it was money. I watched the old man crying, and I only knew when I asked. I couldn't find a home. I took the old man to a nearby supermarket, bought him some food and water, and found that the old man had contact information for the children. The old man’s son came soon after the call. I was very happy that day.

Netizen: National Day to see a wife, drive to a mobile phone at Taiyuan South Station, Apple 8 Let's go. The owner called the phone. I said that the train is going to open quickly and you have to come and get it, or I will hand it over to the conductor. He ran around and took a thank you. My wife praised me for a week.

Users:My husband got a mobile phone today. After a long time, the phone rang. My husband asked the owner to wait in the community and send it to people. The boy kept saying thank you. Good people have good news, and ill-gotten wealth cannot be obtained.

Users: 11 years old to a millet phone, big summer, waiting in the sun Half an hour, the owner arrived, and got a mobile phone, thank you, no, then think about it, it is better to directly drop the phone into the river, close to 40 degrees of weather, mom, who.

User:My first girlfriend was my year. On the side of the road, she came to Qingdao to find a job, her wallet was robbed, and she was beaten. When she was walking on the road in Qingdao, I saw that she was wrong. When she asked a few words, she took her back. And, dressed up as a big beauty. Although we were not married, we are still the best friends.

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