Han Jincheng, secretary of the Hancheng Municipal Committee, visited the frontline staff and poor households (Photos)

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Han Jincheng, secretary of the Hancheng Municipal Committee, visited the frontline staff and poor households (Photos)

2019-01-02 09:03:43 442 ℃

On the New Year's Day in 2019, early in the morning, Han Jinfeng, secretary of the Hancheng Municipal Committee, came to the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the Municipal People's Hospital, the Jincheng Office Beibei Village, the City Center and the Elderly Center to visit the first-line medical staff and the poor. Send them blessings and greetings to the New Year. Deputy Mayor Zhao Yali, Poverty Alleviation Office, Civil Affairs Bureau and other relevant departments responsible for condolences.

The newly-introduced city maternal and child health care center has greatly improved medical hardware facilities and capabilities. In the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Yan Jinfeng learned about the hardware facilities, specialties and other special settings, and visited the first-line medical staff to communicate with the people who treated the doctors. He pointed out that as a city's maternal and child health specialist hospital, the municipal maternal and child health hospital should combine its own positioning, give full play to its professional expertise, combine the medical and health needs of women and children, continuously expand the service function, actively strive for medical projects and financial support in the province, and strengthen the medical ethics of medical staff. Medical education, comprehensively improve the ability and level of service patients; always adhere to the people-oriented, in accordance with the concept of social management, human services, and actively explore the management and operation model, so that more people can enjoy better quality medical services. At the Municipal People's Hospital, Yan Jinfeng came to the emergency room, obstetrics and gynaecology department, etc. to learn more about the patient reception during the New Year's Day, and to express cordial greetings to the medical staff who adhered to the front line during the New Year's Day, and sent a New Year's greeting to the citizens who had a baby on the day. Send the best wishes.

"Old people, indoors How cold is it? How much income does the family have at home this year? What are the difficulties in life that need to be solved?” In the home of the poor households in Beibei Village of Jincheng Office, Ai Rong and Sun’s home, Qi Jinfeng and the elderly asked for help, and asked the elderly about winter heating and living security. In terms of housing and other aspects, they learned that they enjoyed various poverty alleviation policies such as old-age subsidies, major illness insurance, public welfare jobs, and collective economic dividends. After a big change in the past, Yan Jinfeng was very pleased. He pointed out that Hancheng was honored as the first batch of nationals. In the demonstration city of precision poverty alleviation, the case of “Five Full Coverage, Eight Full Coverage, and One Full Supportive Measures to Help Accurate Poverty Alleviation” was included in the “Poverty Alleviation Report [2018]”, which is the result of joint efforts of the whole city in recent years. The departments and towns offices should make persistent efforts and continue to exert their efforts to truly implement these measures, solve all kinds of difficulties encountered by the poor in time, resolutely win the fight against poverty, and prevent a poor mass from falling behind on Xiaokang Road.

City Center for the Elderly, Civil Affairs The bureau organized a "welcome to the New Year, send warmth" condolences, and the old people are gathering together to enjoy traditional opera programs. Yan Jinfeng walked into the middle of the old man, sent a New Year’s greeting, and cordially talked with them and enjoyed the show. They took care of their bodies and enjoyed their happiness. He said that since the beginning of this year, Hancheng has been surpassing the new stage, and the economy and society have continued to develop rapidly. It has won honors such as the national health city and the top 100 counties and cities in the country. The days are getting better and better, and the whole society should care more about the elderly. Let them be able to grow up, be old and have a good old age, and enjoy the fruits of the development of Hancheng.

Before visiting the condolences, Yan Jinfeng also came to Hancheng to import goods bonded and directly operated stores to learn more about the types of products and product quality. In other relevant situations, he pointed out that it is necessary to ensure the quality of goods and strengthen publicity and promotion so that Hancheng people can purchase high-quality foreign products at their doorsteps and enjoy the benefits and changes brought by the “Belt and Road”.