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Editor: Peng Zhenlin Source: Yongzhou News Net

2019-01-02 09:03:46 1032 ℃

Yongzhou News Network (Correspondent Liu Mingzheng Liu Liming) "The staff of the County Agricultural Machinery Bureau ran a long way and helped me with the relevant procedures for tractor inspection, transfer and driver assessment. But my wish is." On December 31, 2018, when the author interviewed Deng Haizhen, a poor household in Pangu Village, Daxi Township, Jianghua Yao Autonomous County, he said gratefully.

Deng Haizhen is 36 years old. He was a poverty-stricken household in Pangu Village in 2014. He has three people in his family and was out of poverty in 2014. In order to ensure that she did not return to poverty, he spent $39,000 last month to purchase a second-hand transport tractor and wanted to make money to support his family by running transportation. Since I don't have a driver's license, the tractor has not been transferred, there are serious safety hazards, and it is quite difficult to drive all the procedures to and from the county. Therefore, Deng Haizhen told the compatriot of the County Science and Technology Commission, Pan Xinlin, the difficulties in his heart. After Pan Xinping understands the situation, he is called to be in a hurry and try to solve the problem together.

In early December of last year, Panxinlin went to the County Agricultural Machinery Bureau to report that a villager in Pangu Village, a poverty-stricken village they helped, had purchased a transport tractor and needed to apply for vehicle transfer and test driving. Since the road reconstruction of the S355 provincial road leading to the code market was interrupted, the Pangu Village to the county town had to pass through the “two provinces and five counties”, which were more than 200 kilometers apart. The villagers had long distances and expenses, and it was very difficult to complete the formalities. The bureau sent people to the door.

After the county agricultural machinery bureau knows the situation, the impoverished poor households are anxious, and they want the poor households to think about it. Recently, three agricultural machinery supervisors have been arranged to drive for 4 hours, passing the “Daohe-Xiarong-Erguang” highway. To Guangdong Lianshan Qingshui, and then to the code city to enter the Dashan Pangu Village in the hinterland of Yaoshan, “Zero Distance” served the poor household Deng Haizhen, and he went through the relevant procedures for tractor inspection, transfer and driver assessment, and helped Deng Haizhen complete. wish.

Since 2018, Jianghua Agricultural Machinery Bureau has implemented a family-friendly service, door-to-door service, inspection and delivery services, issuing convenient contact cards, and making reservations by telephone. "Office services", agricultural workers in the field and townships, to provide free inspection services to the owners, so that poor households save money, save labor and worry, by the majority of Yao's consistent praise.

Liu Liming, the director of the county agricultural machinery supervision station, said that the use rate of agricultural machinery and equipment in winter is low. They serve the farmers during the farmer's leisure period. More than 50 agricultural machines have been tested since the winter.