Xintian Shanghetang Village, ice and snow, new homes

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Xintian Shanghetang Village, ice and snow, new homes

2019-01-02 09:03:48 451 ℃

Yongzhou News Network (Correspondent Deng Tiomao Gao Hongping Chen Simin) "Thanks to the government's good policy, thank the party for your care, let our family have a new house to live!" The new year is coming He Dongxiu, a relocation household in Yihetang Village, Xinyi Town, Xintian County, smiled and laughed when talking with the author.

The centralized resettlement site of Shanghetang Village is close to the main traffic trunks, with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. The total investment is 4.5 million yuan, and a total of 27 households with 113 persons are resettled. After half a year of construction, all the resettled households have recently moved into the new building that they dreamed of.

The resident team wrote a new couplet for each household. When they moved, the poverty alleviation team came to congratulate and help, hanging the bunting, posting couplets, cleaning, and Zhang Luo’s wedding was very busy. . The backing unit, the Xinyi Town Government’s poverty alleviation cadres in the village, and other concentrated settlers in each new stay visited the condolences and sent a housewarming blessing. Poor households have said that they should use their hard-working hands to get rid of poverty and get rich. Under the strong leadership of the party, they will raise their sleeves and work hard to build a beautiful and livable home.