Right to be involved in pyramid schemes and other investigations: Why are results like this at the expense of life?

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Right to be involved in pyramid schemes and other investigations: Why are results like this at the expense of life?

2019-01-04 00:22:35 1180 ℃


The powerful event of the power, under the high attention of the network and the media, Tianjin" After the New Year's Day in 2019, the joint investigation team issued a phased progress in the handling of incidents, saying that the public security organs had filed a lawsuit against Quan Jian on January 1, 2019. At the same time, relevant departments inspected and banned fire treatment and health care places that did not meet the fire safety regulations, and carried out special actions to focus on cleaning up and rectifying the chaos of health care products. Therefore, regarding the power-related events, it should be said that its nature has been qualitative and qualitative. Although the Quan Jian incident can therefore be clearly stated, through this incident, one cannot help but ask why every such result must be at the expense of the struggle of life and related personnel.

The outbreak of the Quanjian incident is not so much that a public issue has been published recently, so that this power, which is said to have a great influence in the health care industry, has collapsed. It is better to say that today’s As a result, it has been determined a few years ago. It is said that the parents of Inner Mongolian girl Zhou Yang received the “therapy” recommended by Quanjian in the process of seeking medical advice for Zhou Yang, who was suffering from germ cell tumor a few years ago. After taking the medicine prescribed by Quanjian for 4 months, she was sick. Deteriorated and eventually lost his life. However, Zhou Yang, who lost his life when he was only 4 years old, could not have expected it. After his death, the Internet brought it back to life, and there was a message that "Zhouyang germ cell tumor was cured by the secret recipe." This made the father of Zhou Yang, who lost her love of her daughter, unacceptable. When he was angry, he took the company to the court and asked for the deletion of information. But until 2015, the lawsuit of the father of Zhou Yang did not receive the support of the court because of lack of relevant evidence.

Although Zhou Yang’s father was sentenced to defeat in the court’s lawsuit without relevant evidence, according to the current media disclosure, Quan Jian’s alleged false advertising has been regulated by many local branches. The department investigates. More media confirmed that "Qian Jian has been punished for issuing false advertisements many times, and there are administrative penalties for selling drugs that do not comply with state regulations, and production and operation of unlabeled food additives." And as early as 2014, there was a central media naming criticism of the power and exaggeration of use, and sales had the phenomenon of 'pull the head'." In a case of a pyramid scheme in Jilin, it was pointed out that "the leader of the defendant and others is the bundle of Quanjian."

Unfortunately, despite the above facts, Quan Jian Company is suspected of pyramid selling crimes and suspected false advertising crimes in its business activities, why the relevant departments do not promptly investigate and deal with them, but wait for the incident to rise to the public topic. Will it be investigated after detonating public opinion? A similar case seems to have such a phenomenon. For example, in August 2017, the “Li Wenxing suspected pyramid scheme death” incident that detonated the Internet and media public opinion was also caused by the high attention of the network and the media, which triggered the high attention of relevant departments in Tianjin and had a campaign against pyramid schemes.

23-year-old northwestern college student Li Wenxing, in Beijing, looking for a job in IT that he wants to do, through a network job search, was hired by a so-called company in Tianjin, from Beijing South on May 20, 2018. The station set off for Tianjin, but after being killed in a pyramid scheme, he was abandoned in a ditch that was several tens of meters long and about two meters wide. The matter was reported by the Internet and the media, which caused great repercussions throughout the country.

Whether Li Wenxing was killed in pyramid schemes in Tianjin, or Zhou Yang’s “therapy” recommended by Quanjian, and the drug that died after 4 months of taking the drug, all have a common The characteristic is that they each use their own life as a price, and they have exchanged the attention of the public opinion such as the Internet and the media, which has caused the relevant departments to attach great importance to it, so that the truth can be found out and the violators can be punished. Is this enough to cause people to pay attention to the fact that people often say that "fish swims in boiling water, Yan is in danger"?