The moving figure in the snow, in addition to the "guardian" and this group of cute "recorders"

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The moving figure in the snow, in addition to the "guardian" and this group of cute "recorders"

2019-01-04 00:22:43 222 ℃

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Bottom News Network (Reporter Tan Zhouwei Liu Ting) A heavy snow, unexpectedly, for a while, the weather is cold, dripping into ice. In the snow fluttering, thousands of figures appeared in the streets and lanes at the bottom of the road. Some of them shoveled snow, some broke ice, and some repaired and repaired, fighting in the first line of fighting ice and snow.

After this group of flowing figures, there are a group of cute "recorders" who are braving the cold, with the wind and snow, or the lens, or with a pen and paper, from the north of the city to the south of the city. From the city to the township, it reports the latest road conditions and snow conditions, excavating touching stories and characters, recording the scenes and pictures of the scene. They used their keenness and dedication to convey a good voice to the world, and they sent infinite warmth to this cold winter. They are all the staff of Loudi News.

Emergency to go to the Stop the ice and snowInterview report

Continuous heavy snow, the bottom of the ice Sealing, from December 29th, Loudi successively launched Class III and Class IV emergency response to meteorological disasters, and the city's battle against low-temperature ice and snow weather quickly started.

"In the rainy and cold weather, we will go out to interview, we must cooperate with each other, report on the effective measures and typical practices of the bottom of the city to fight against snow and ice, and explore touching stories, especially for volunteers. Pay attention to safety and cold protection." In the morning, the person in charge of Loudi News Network began to deploy interviews.

After a command, all the reporters of Loudi News Network made an emergency dispatch and went to the first line of the ice and snow to report. Also with the reporter is the video group. They hold microphones and shoulder-mounted cameras to present the most realistic scenes to the audience in a visual, intuitive picture language. At the same time, in the afternoon of the same day, "anti-ice and snow, low temperature, we went to the next heart, and all the people will become a city", the live broadcast will also be online, and the news of the reporters and video groups will be "in the bag".

"How many times did you go out today?" In those few days, the most frequent topic among the reporters of Loudi News Network was this. Despite the constant continually, everyone did not complain at all, never care about how much they paid, and still rushed in the snow.

"There are volunteers in Zhushan Park and Lishui Park who are shoveling snow. You should go and interview." On the 31st, Loudi News Network reporter Deng Tao received an interview with the topic of low temperature ice and snow. It was the third manuscript he wrote during the New Year's holiday, but he still left the scene and immediately went to the scene. When he came back, the shoes and socks had already been soaked. He couldn't take the fire and immediately released the manuscript at the fastest speed. .

"Heli Anti-ice and Snow Bottom Story" "Sweeping Snow and De-icing to Keep the Peaceful City Full of Volunteer Red" "Snow Scenery Bottom Traffic Police "蜀黍" is more beautiful" "A particularly warm-hearted "catch-up test" - - Loudi against low-temperature rain, snow and ice weather documentary... A warm and heart-felt report has been released, and has been well received by the general public and netizens.

Besides the frontline reporters, there are still editors who are busy

"The mailbox has come again with a batch of manuscripts, and the draft is underway." During the New Year's Day, Loudi News The network editorial office is busier than usual. Because of the rain and snow weather, the number of manuscripts has more than doubled compared with the usual weekend, and most of them are reports about low temperature ice and snow weather. The editing task is extremely heavy.

In order to release the manuscript in time, the editors always stick to their posts, even sacrifice the lunch break on holidays, reduce the frequency of going to the toilet, and stay in front of the computer from morning till night. Keeping a posture for a long time, the human body will be very uncomfortable. The editors of the editorial office sat in a row for more than ten hours a day. The soreness of the "neck stiff, finger numbness" can be imagined. Yes, although they are not running in the first line, the work is not at all easier than the first-line reporters.

On the evening of January 1, the final manuscript was over 11 o'clock. The snow has quieted down from the hustle and bustle, and everyone can finally take a break. Looking at the background data, I found out that during the three days of the New Year's Day holiday, the editorial office of Loudi News Network compiled a total of 274 manuscripts, with an average of more than 90 articles per day. "Anti-ice and snow, low temperature, we are on the same heart, and all the people are united." The live broadcast platform has released a total of 120 video reports, which attracted more than 50,000 people in three days, which undoubtedly added a fire to this cold winter.

At the same time as the website and live broadcast platform, Loudi News Network also published timely reports on low-temperature ice and snow on Weibo and WeChat platforms. The bottom of the news network WeChat public number "hands on the bottom" for two consecutive days headline released "Snow! The bottom of the bottom is actually like this... the circle of friends has been brushed up. "Anti-ice and snow are smooth, and the warmth of the bottom of the picture", record the people's desire and joy for the snow, record the group of busy in the snow In order to ensure the smooth flow of the road, the public will use the normal order of daily life such as water and electricity, and the "guardian" who is not afraid of difficulties.

The ice and snow gradually melted away, leaving the best memories. In the new year, Loudi News Network will continue to talk about the story of the bottom, as always, pay attention to the big things in the bottom, pay attention to the people's livelihood, spread the sound of the bottom, and continue the warmth.