“Bravo YH” Nan'an Zhongjun World City Store opened grandly

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“Bravo YH” Nan'an Zhongjun World City Store opened grandly

2019-01-04 00:22:47 276 ℃
December 22, 2018, "BRAVOYH" - Yonghui Exquisite Supermarket (Nan'an Zhongjun World City) on the B1 floor on the north side of Jiangbei Road, Nan'an City, Fujian Province 永辉< /font>The supermarket is grandly opened with a total area of ​​8,400 square meters.

"BRAVOYH" is 永辉 Supermarket Co., Ltd. A high-end brand supermarket built with care. With the constant changes in the market and the increasing shopping needs of consumers, Yonghui supermarkets are based on advanced management concepts, constantly breaking through and constantly surpassing, and strive to fully satisfy each and every one in the ever-changing market dynamics. The needs of the consumer group.

“BRAVOYH” is aimed at consumers who focus on quality of life and pursue high quality. In-store merchandise is also different from the livelihood type Yonghui supermarket. A large number of high-end imported goods and fashion brand boutiques have been introduced, and a high-level adjustment has been made in the product structure to create a shopping supermarket that integrates fine products and fashion products.

At the same time, "BRAVOYH" has a comprehensive improvement in the shopping environment, and on the basis of maintaining the quality of service as always, it has highlighted the clean, warm and fashionable shopping environment. To allow shoppers to enjoy a pleasant shopping while enjoying the beautiful environment.