Subway Line 3 starts construction! It will be connected to rail transit lines 1 and 2 after completion.

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Subway Line 3 starts construction! It will be connected to rail transit lines 1 and 2 after completion.

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On December 30, the groundbreaking ceremony for the first phase of Guiyang Rail Transit Line 3 was held in Tongmuling, Huaxi District. Chen Hao, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, made a speech and announced the start of construction.

Liu Hui, Vice President of China Railway Group Co., Ltd. spoke. Vice Mayor Wang Wei presided over. Deputy Director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Executive Deputy Director of the Provincial Railway Construction Office Chen Engen, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Vice Chairman Du Zhengjun City Party Member Xu Junsong Zhao Tiewu, Chairman of China Railway Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd. participated.

On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Chen Yu expressed his gratitude to the relevant departments of the provincial government for their support to the first phase of the Rail Transit Line 3. He said that rail transit is an important symbol of modern cities. It is an important carrier for large-scale cities, strengthening urban functions, and making excellent public services. Rail Transit Line 3 is another landmark project after Guiyang officially entered the “railway era”. After completion, it will form a rail transit basic backbone network with rail transit lines 1 and 2 to optimize the spatial structure of Guiyang’s main urban area. The development of regional integration is of great significance. All participating units must adhere to quality first, safety first, meticulous organization, scientific management, good and fast, orderly and vigorously promote engineering construction and strive to build quality projects and high-quality projects. All supervisory and supervisory units must always be responsible, responsible, and responsible to effectively ensure that every step and every link ensures the promotion of effective and effective supervision to build a clean and reliable project. The local government and relevant units should take the initiative and cooperate closely to provide sufficient factor guarantee for the construction of the project, efficient policy support, and high-quality government services to work together to promote the rapid construction of the project and early commissioning, so that the people of Guiyang enjoy the convenience brought by rail transit. Constantly enhance the sense of acquisition and happiness.

It is reported that the first phase of Guiyang Rail Transit Line 3 has a total length of 43.03 km from Tongmuling in Huaxi District, through the Economic Development Zone, Nanming District and Yunyan District. It covers 29 stations in Luowan, Wudang District. There are 1 depot, 1 parking lot, 3 main substations and 1 operation control center in 28 sections. At present, Guiyang Rail Transit Line 1 has been opened and operated. Rail Transit Line 2 is progressing smoothly according to the established construction schedule.

The leaders of the relevant departments and participating units of the Economic Development Zone, Yunyan District, Nanming District, Huaxi District, Wudang District, and the Municipality participated.

Source Guiyang Daily

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