Worry! Yizhang fruit growers, 30,000 Jin navel oranges for help because of cold weather

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Worry! Yizhang fruit growers, 30,000 Jin navel oranges for help because of cold weather

2019-01-04 00:55:15 312 ℃

Liao Kongyou is picking navel orange.

30,000 kg navel orange in the factory warehouse is hard to find a market.

Red Net Hour, Jan. 3 (Correspondent Li Minghua) "Navel orange harvest, but not sell rotten at home can do!" At present, during the market season of navel orange, Liao Kongyou, a fruit grower in Yuxi Town, Yizhang County, Hunan Province, is mixed in joy and sorrow: because his harvested navel orange suffered from persistent freezing and cold weather, and never like this year, it made him toss and turn every night.

Liao Kongyou manages a 50 mu orchard in Zhanghan Village, Yuxi Town. Near the end of the year, 30,000 Jin navel oranges piled up in the factory warehouse were hard to find a market, like a huge stone pressing on his mind. Helplessly, he called the author for help, hoping to help sales.

Yizhang is one of the three major citrus industry belts in southern Jiangxi-southern Hunan-northern Guangxi, and is one of the eight Navel Orange Counties in Hunan. Yizhang navel orange has smooth fruit surface, thin peel, sweet and strong taste, brittle residue and rich aroma.

"Pure natural pulp is compact, juicy, no preservatives, no waxing, to ensure pure natural food." Liao Kongyou said that due to the long-term low temperature in the previous period, it is expected that the recent temperature rise, fruit can not stay for a long time, low-cost sale of 80 yuan a box/20 kg (including 8 yuan packaging fee, no postage package), Yizhang County 2 boxes of delivery to the door. If you are willing to buy these delicious and juicy navel oranges to help fruit growers tide over difficulties, you can contact Liao Kong-you directly. The contact number is 15173565930.