With the Spring Festival approaching, more and more people play cards in rural areas. Farmers must understand these rules and not suffer losses.

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With the Spring Festival approaching, more and more people play cards in rural areas. Farmers must understand these rules and not suffer losses.

2019-01-04 00:55:15 335 ℃
< p > Every winter, just in the fallow season of agriculture, cultural activities in rural areas are not rich enough. Farmers are idle and bored, and they will also meet several friends to play cards and pass the time together. The same is true for festivals. Many young people come home, leisure at home, visits by relatives and friends, after dinner and drinking, they will play cards together to lead the lottery. Besides, such activities are all acquaintances, gambling capital. It's not very big either. Therefore, playing cards and rubbing mahjong also become the traditional practice of rural people every year.

Nowadays, the Spring Festival is approaching. Farmers working abroad are also beginning to return home, and the countryside which has been silent for a year will also usher in the busiest time. Meanwhile, more and more people will play cards in the countryside and the voice of playing mahjong can be heard when they walk in the village lanes.

During festivals and between relatives and friends, people will play a few colorful mahjong and poker cards. In order to increase entertainment, some people will choose to buy yards to play together. Of course, the card boards set up in these families generally do not win or lose, do no harm to society, and do not constitute a crime. However, there are some behaviors and regulations, farmers who like playing cards still need to make clear. Don't lose!

According to the criminal law of our country, as long as a small amount of recreational activities are not carried out for the purpose of "making profits", they are not punished for gambling. That is to say, the loss and win between relatives and friends is not big, and the gambling capital is very small, and they will not be punished, but it is important for farmers to know that there are still some provisions on gambling capital in different places which are not allowed. If touched, they will be detained if the circumstances are serious.

For example, Shandong Province stipulates that as long as the gambling on-site costs exceed 400 yuan, severe penalties will be imposed in accordance with the "larger gambling", and Shenzhen stipulates that individual gambling costs exceed 500 yuan, which belongs to the "larger gambling" situation, and severe penalties will be imposed in accordance with the larger gambling.

In addition, Sichuan Provincial Provisions stipulate that the gambling money collected on the spot is more than 1,000 yuan and less than 4,000 yuan, which conforms to the behavior of "bigger gambling capital", and will also be severely punished. Finally, Beijing Provisions stipulate that individual gambling capital is more than 300 yuan and less than 500 yuan, and severely punished according to bigger gambling.

In addition to the above-mentioned provisions, China's law on public security management also stipulates that, as long as the participation in gambling is expensive, it will be detained for less than five days and fined. If the circumstances are serious, it will be detained for less than ten to fifteen days and fined.

Therefore, during the Spring Festival, peasants still have to play cards at home, not gather gambling, a few small bets between relatives and friends will not be punished, if they go to the village gambling stalls to participate in gambling, they will be caught in prison for several days.

Finally, we should remind you that addiction to gambling will make you heavily in debt, and serious wives will be separated, so don't pour hard-earned money into the bottomless pit of gambling, otherwise there will be no money to spend in the New Year. What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message and exchange in the comment area.