Which mode of travel from east to west of Jinan has the highest cost performance ratio? Reporters settle accounts for you

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Which mode of travel from east to west of Jinan has the highest cost performance ratio? Reporters settle accounts for you

2019-01-04 00:55:18 1447 ℃
< p > < strong > Qilu Network, Jinan, Jan. 3 < br > Since 0:00 on Jan. 5, 2019, the new train diagram will be implemented on the railway. Jilin-Qinghai High-speed Railway and Qingyan Railway will be integrated into the national high-speed railway network. The total number of passenger trains handled by Jinan Bureau Group Company reaches 402 pairs. For the citizens of Jinan, the provincial city, will also usher in the era of urban high-speed rail transit. After the implementation of the new plan,

, the junction of Qihe-Jinan East Railway Station and Jinan West-Jinan East Railway Station of Shiji-Jinan High-speed Railway has been operated synchronously, and the Jinan-Qinghai High-speed Railway has been connected with Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway and Shiji High-speed Railway Qihe Station of Shiji High-speed Railway formally handles passenger transport business, and 17 EMU trains will be arranged for Qingdao, Weihai, Shijiazhuang and Yuncheng.

In this mapping adjustment, Jinan Bureau Group Corporation has newly allocated 32 sets of "Fuxing" standard EMUs, including 3 sets of "Fuxing" EMUs for Jinan-Qinghai high-speed railway, 5 sets of "Fuxing" EMUs for Jiaoji passenger train and 2 sets of "Fuxing" EMUs for Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway.

The head of Jinan West Railway Station on on duty told reporters that according to the new plan, the number of trains running on the peak line in Jinan West Railway Station reached 347, the number of weekend lines was 322, the number of daily lines was 298, the number of starting trains was 39, and 33 new stations were added. The opening of Jinan-Qingdao high-speed railway has greatly enhanced the capacity of passenger transport corridor between Jinan and Qingdao. After mapping, there are 174 passenger trains running between Jinan and Qingdao every day, which makes the traffic between Jinan West Railway Station and Jinan East Railway Station closer. Hence, Jinan ushers in the era of "urban high-speed bus".

Since January 5, Jinan East-West Railway Station has opened the urban high-speed bus, which is not really a "bus", but actually a high-speed railway between East-West Railway Station and West Railway Station.

Reporter inquired from 12306 website and learned that there were eight trains from East Jinan to West Jinan from 6:50 a.m. on the opening day of January 5. From 8:35, there were ten trains from West Jinan to East Jinan. The fare was 16 yuan and the length of time was about 23 minutes.

Maybe many people have such questions. Is this cost-effective? Reporters have made a calculation for you. If you take the car with the minimum displacement as an example, it will take about an hour to drive from West Station to East Station. The fuel consumption is close to 20 yuan. If you take a taxi, it will be more expensive. It will probably cost about 70 or 80 yuan. If you take a relatively inexpensive bus, it takes about 30 stops from West Station to East Station. It takes more than two and a half hours, so it is the most convenient way to calculate whether it is high-speed railway.