Xiamen openly solicits "the golden idea of punishing dishonesty"

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Xiamen openly solicits "the golden idea of punishing dishonesty"

2019-01-13 09:01:06 245 ℃
< p > Taihai Network, Jan. 13, according to Xiamen Radio and Television Network, from Jan. 7, Xiamen Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Credit Office and Xiamen Information Group Big Data Operations Co-sponsored "Honest Talk" solicitation activities were officially launched. The construction of

credit system needs the participation of the whole society. What dishonest acts need to be punished jointly? How can "Egret Divide" play its best role? How to further carry out credit repair? What kind of golden ideas do you have about personal information security? Since January 7, the "Honesty Talk" collection has been officially launched. You can elaborate on the ideas, understanding and opinions of building "Credit Xiamen". You can also discuss the views of honesty in life, business and for others. You can also tell the honesty stories happening around you.

It is reported that this event will have one first prize with a prize of 1000 yuan, three second prizes with a prize of 500 yuan, and ten third prizes with a prize of 200 yuan. The event also set up 100 participating awards, prizes for e-card. From Jan. 7 to Jan. 31, you can participate in the activities in three ways: telephone 968820, email xinyongxiamen@163.com, and pay attention to the public number of "Credit Xiamen" Wechat.

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