Is a man in Xiamen "repeatedly" buying expired goods to protect his rights or to extort them?

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Is a man in Xiamen "repeatedly" buying expired goods to protect his rights or to extort them?

2019-01-13 09:01:10 260 ℃
< p > It is a legitimate act to protect the rights and interests of customers who buy expired products in supermarkets and claim compensation from supermarkets. However, a customer in the same supermarket, many times bought expired goods, and the increasing amount of claims, which makes people suspicious. Recently, some businessmen reported to the police station of Xiangan Xindian that they had been claimed four times by the same customer for the same reason.

Recently, a supermarket in Xindian District provided a video to police officers at the police station. The video was shot in August last year, in which a man was checking out at the checkout counter with two boxes of eggs. Supermarket staff told police that the man paid the bill that day and immediately took the eggs and cash receipts to the service desk to claim compensation, on the grounds that the eggs were expired products. Supermarket personnel checked to confirm that the two boxes of eggs were indeed one day overdue. According to the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, men can claim 10 times the price of commodities from supermarkets as compensation. If the amount of compensation is less than 1000 yuan, they can claim 1000 yuan. Finally, after negotiation between men and supermarkets, supermarkets compensated MEN 1 300 yuan, and both sides signed an agreement.

thought the matter had been settled satisfactorily. But on the 3rd of last month, the man came to the supermarket again and bought the expired products again. This time, the supermarket did not comply with the man's request and doubted the man's repeated purchase of expired products. Supermarket staff told the police that since 2017, the man will come to the supermarket every few months, which is the fourth time that the man has bought expired products in the supermarket. Following this clue, we found another large supermarket in the new store. We learned that this supermarket was also blackmailed by this person. The same person blackmailed many times in this way. Then we launched a case investigation. After investigation, the man lives in Nan'an, Quanzhou. Every time, he purposely buys things from supermarkets in Nan'an, Quanzhou. Moreover, each purchase is eggs, soy sauce and other small amount of goods. When the bill was paid, the man also asked for a separate settlement. For example, 20 eggs are divided into three bags, each containing one or two expired eggs. When claiming compensation, the man asked the supermarket to pay 1000 yuan for each bag of eggs.

Xindian Police Station, Xiangan Public Security Branch, Ye Huona: Because we checked him many times later, his subjective malice exists, including that he has an action that if you (supermarket) do not claim compensation, he will go to industry and commerce, or seek media exposure, and so on. His threatening means are.

At present, the man has been detained by the Xiangan Police in accordance with the law on suspicion of extortion. The police warned that the legitimate consumption rights in the process of consumption are protected by laws and regulations, but if consumers abuse their rights maliciously, they will also be punished by law.

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