Snow in the North has changed! A new wave of "strong" cold air is coming. Local cooling is over 10 degrees Celsius.

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Snow in the North has changed! A new wave of "strong" cold air is coming. Local cooling is over 10 degrees Celsius.

2019-01-13 09:01:13 251 ℃

Author: Wen/Luo Zhaochun

Recent weather changes are relatively strong, many regions may only warm up for a short time, and a new "cold" model has come. According to the data of the Central Meteorological Observatory, with the arrival of cold air, the dense fog situation in China has improved, and from the night of 14, affected by cold air, haze process from North to south. Gradually weakening and dissipating, so we will have a good weather situation. But it's cold air, so cooling is essential when we have good weather.

According to the data, affected by the short wave trough and the low-level shear line, there was light to moderate rain in South China and other places from 14 to 16, of which the rain and snow were mainly distributed in the eastern part of Southwest China, Jianghan, Jiangnan and other areas, and slightly larger snowfall was mainly distributed in the northwest, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, etc. In a snowy state, the snow forecast in Tibet has changed, but it has not changed for the time being. Some areas in southwestern Tibet and other places are mainly moderate to heavy snow, so it is still relatively cold.

There is also a "change" in the cold air, and a strong cold air will affect the central and eastern regions of China. It is expected that from 14 to 16, the central and eastern regions of China will experience cooling, most of which will be between 4 and 8 degrees centigrade, and the local cooling will exceed 10 degrees centigrade. But you will feel the cold weather. The situation in some parts of southwestern Tibet has changed. The Blizzard released on January 12 has disappeared, so it is a good thing for friends in the region, at least to ease the weather.

and I also focused on the snowfall in Northeast China, which belonged to many friends in North China. According to the data, it was indeed located in the middle and north of Northeast China from 08:00 to 1508:00 on January, and the forecast was the smallest to moderate or heavy snow. At the beginning, heavy snow was also predicted, so this friend in the North was a little disappointed. Snow in the North has changed. Now it has been adjusted to the most likely probability of medium snow, which is smaller. Of course, the weather changes quickly, and the forecast is a forecast. So you can refer to it. Small snow and medium snow are still more on the whole, and forecast the northeast of Inner Mongolia and the Tianshan area along Xinjiang. In the eastern part of southern Xinjiang, northern and Eastern Tibet, and in the central and eastern part of Northwest China, there are small to medium-sized snow or sleet, so it can be seen.

All factors considered, the only area where heavy snow is likely to occur is in the western part of Tibet, where the distribution of light snow, sleet and moderate snow is relatively wide, including the north-central part of the Northeast, and so on. Therefore, friends in a few areas in the north will feel cold. In 2019, a new wave of "stronger cold air" is coming, which will have an impact on the central and eastern regions from 14 to 16. Some clothes may need to be added. Therefore, we should pay attention to keeping warm. Next is the fog and haze weather. There is fog in Huanghuai and other places in North China. There is moderate to severe haze in Huanghuai and Fenwei of North China. Be careful when you travel. Thank you for reading!