Xingtai Police Issued Ten Events and Ten Cases in 2018

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Xingtai Police Issued Ten Events and Ten Cases in 2018

2019-01-13 09:01:13 349 ℃

A few days ago, the Information Office of Xingtai Municipal Government held a press conference to issue 10 major events and 10 cases of public security organs in the city in 2018. The picture shows the scene of the press conference. Reporter Xing Yunzhao

Hebei News Network News (Reporter Xing Yun) recently held a press conference at the Information Office of Xingtai Municipal Government, at which the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Public Security Bureau issued 10 major events and 10 cases of the city's public security organs in 2018. Ten major events are as follows: Xingtai Municipal Government promulgated "Opinions on Implementing Public Security Infrastructure Construction"; insisted on "Five Aims", investigated and dealt with three cases of underworld-like organizations, 20 cases of criminal gangs of evil forces, 51 cases of criminal gangs, arrested 619 criminal suspects, cracked 510 criminal cases of extortion and provocation; and warned by the Municipal Public Security Anti-fraud Center. There were 60 783 cases of obstruction, and 172 million yuan of frozen funds were stopped; a series of security tasks such as the 2018 "Xingtai Grand Canyon Cup" Ring Xingtai International Road Cycling Race and the Second Travel and Development Conference were successfully completed; investigation and evidence collection were carried out in the United States and anti-drug crimes were exchanged; three waves of "Creating Pure Land" series operations brought out the "Blue Sky Pure Land" on the Xingtai side; and two editions of "Escort Development" were continuously promoted. 22 "landed, promulgated"25 measures to support and protect private economic development"; took the lead in the three major campaigns: road traffic order renovation, environmental management around the campus, small advertisements and scribbles, and achieved significant results; electric vehicle anti-theft registration has received wide attention, and firmly promoted the use of"red armband","yellow vest","small red hat"and"small red hat". The "five small projects" such as whistle and "Little Red Flag" have played an obvious role in the construction of mass prevention and mass control, and the first shot has been fired to crack down on "routine loans" in the province.

Ten cases are as follows:

1. Cui Mouqiang, a criminal suspect of extortion, has organized social idlers to extort and forcibly collect debts from local enterprises since April 2017. On February 9, 2018, the criminal police detachment of Xingtai Public Security Bureau and Guangzong County Public Security Bureau jointly seized five suspects, including Cui Moqiang, in Xingtai City. After investigation, the suspect Cui Moqiang and others blackmailed more than 380 million yuan of a construction and installation company in the city, one set of stores and one real estate by sending people to monitor, follow, rob cars, intimidate and threaten.

< p > 2. Since June 2012, the suspect Zhou Mouxue (Shahe Municipal People) has collected a number of idle social workers to illegally absorb public deposits and loan at high interest rates under the guise of a registered company, in order to seize huge profits, and is suspected of causing employers to use violent means such as provoking trouble and illegally invading houses to collect loans. Xingtai City Public Security Bureau designated Pingxiang County Public Security Bureau to use police in other places and concentrate on its business. In one fell swoop, Zhou Muxue's criminal gangs involved in evil were abolished, 18 persons involved were captured, and 17 cases of illegal absorption of public deposits, provocation, fraud of loans and illegal invasion of residential buildings were solved.

< p > 3. Since February 2017, the case of pickpocketing on buses in Xingtai City has risen sharply. Through work, we have locked in a cross-regional band of pickpockets headed by Liu Mou, a deaf-mute from Guizhou Province. Special policemen traveled to Chongqing, Guizhou, Jiangsu, Henan, Hunan, Liaoning and other places to collect evidence, collude and arrest cases, seized 24 suspects, and uncovered 55 cases of pickpocketing on buses, involving more than 120,000 yuan. Since February 2018, Chengda Automobile Loan Company of Xingtaiqiao East District has repeatedly illegally lent money to others on the basis of car keys. After the loan, Chengda Automobile Loan Company took the car out of the lender's hands on the grounds of overdue repayment and poor GPS positioning system signal of the vehicle, and then asked the lender for car redemption fees and threatened to mortgage the car if it did not redeem it. On March 20, 2018, the special police captured Liu Mou, the leader of the gang, and four key members of Gao Mou, in Hengshui City. After that, 12 suspects were captured and 30 extortion cases were solved, involving a sum of millions of yuan. In July 2018, Renxian Public Security Bureau, through in-depth analysis and careful investigation, successfully eliminated a telecommunication fraud gang that used false investment platforms to commit fraud in Shenzhen and Nanning, captured five suspects, such as Cai Mouya (Huidong County in Guangdong Province), Zeng Mou (Xingning City in Guangdong Province), and seized mobile phones and computers for the crime. Dozens of cars, one Mercedes-Benz car, more than 1.5 million yuan of stolen money involved, and more than 120 cases of collusion.

6. Since May 2018, some districts and counties in Xingtai City have successively committed burglary by climbing balconies. Through the work, Xingtai Public Security Bureau organized police forces to collect nets at the same time in Xingtai Development Zone, Renqiu, Cangzhou and Langfang City, and beat down criminal gangs headed by a Bu (Xide County, Sichuan Province). Three people were detained criminally and 15 people were detained administratively, and more than 40 cases of burglary and drug trafficking by climbing balconies were uncovered. Since 2017, Hou Moushan, a villager in Licun Town, Qiaoxi District, has bought gun parts from online shopping platforms for many times. On March 15, 2018, the police captured him at Hou Moushan's home and traced him down the line. The special police captured 14 suspects in 23 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions nationwide, and seized 107 guns and 274 gun disposals.

< p> 8, Ministry Governor's "12.14" Series of Environmental Pollution Cases

Suspects Wang Mou (Qiaodong District of Xingtai City), Pan Mouyuan (Xingtai City Development Zone) and others, with the purpose of illegal profit-making, through the distribution of goods through the logistics network, contact trucks to transport hazardous waste to Xingtai City Development Zone, Nanhe, Pingxiang and Cangzhou Qingxian, Anhui Bozhou and other places for dumping. Since December 2017, police officers have traveled 11 places in five provinces, including Hebei and Shandong, capturing 21 suspects and verifying the dumping of more than 1,000 tons of hazardous waste.

< p > 9. In the case of trans-provincial organ sale organized by a person from a foreign country of origin

< p > in mid-November 2018, a foreign criminal suspect from China and others intend to organize two criminal activities of selling human organ surgery in Xingtai City. On November 29, the criminal police detachment of Xingtai Public Security Bureau organized Xinhe County Bureau, Nangong City Bureau and Pingxiang County Bureau to act at the same time in Xinhe County and Nangong City, where the case was involved. Twelve suspects were arrested in one fell swoop. Since 2008, the suspect Zhang Mouqiang and others have repeatedly excavated ancient tombs around Xingtai City. After investigation and operation, on December 24, 2018, the police arrested suspects of grave robbery Zhang Moguo, Zhang Moqiang, Li Moufei (male, 35 years old) and Yang Moujun (male, 51 years old, all of whom are from Neiqiu County). Three pieces of Xingbai Porcelain, one Xingbai Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Yingzi Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Porcela

It is also known that in 2018, Xingtai public security organs fully implemented the "123" work idea, that is, closely around the main line of "escorting development and maintaining stability", vigorously promote the two battlefields of "building a blue sky and pure land on one side" and "telling people's stories carefully", firmly grasp the three keys of "grasping the grass-roots level, brand and team", and strive to promote all public security work and teams. Wu's construction has reached a higher level and a higher level, and many works have been promoted and promoted throughout the province. The social order of the city is stable as a whole. By the end of November 2018, 5494 criminal cases had been solved in Xingtai, up 4.21% from the same period last year, while 29,963 cases of public security had been investigated and punished, up 6.49% from the same period last year.