Yineng Jingfa Weibo angry media trumpet: Time and trouble to send child abuse news hot search!

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Yineng Jingfa Weibo angry media trumpet: Time and trouble to send child abuse news hot search!

2019-01-22 16:57:24 434 ℃
< p > Today, Yi Neng went on a hot search to talk quietly about the causes of his marriage with his ex-husband Yu Chengqing. She said, "In that relationship, she has not yet refined herself, and remained in the pain of her native family when she got married." With regard to her statement, the people who eat melons have started a new discussion. Some people say that only those who have been hurt by their original family can understand her pain. Some things are right or wrong, and she is just an ordinary woman who lacks sense of security.

Some people said that Yi Nengjing had been with Qin Hao, so don't mention the past! The past has passed, everyone has forgotten, you also forget it!

There are also some large media misunderstanding the meaning of Ying Jing, wrote some misleading articles, so that the reputation of Ying Jing is damaged. Therefore, Yi Nengjing voiced angry at these people on Weibo.

Her original words are as follows: "I greet these large-scale and media who can lie while watching videos with all the dirty words I can swear. This passage makes it clear that I met my present husband, and the whole content is very clear that Mr. Qin, whom I have said many times! Lu Yu also refers to Mr. Qin! I didn't refer to any other person in my life. I've never been and will never be. The media has been hoping that the parents of children will speak ill of each other all the time! uuuuuuu Cause the fans on both sides to attack each other! Bad social roots! No wonder the country blocked the big size! Today we have a lawyer! Time and trouble to send child abuse news hot search! Don't waste the real meaning of the media!"

There seem to be two sick sentences. The first and second sentences read a little harshly, but the meaning is clear! She wants to use all the abusive words in her heart to call those media slogans that can also mislead the truth by watching the video. She refers to her husband Qin Hao in the video content, not others, but some media have maliciously guided the transformation of the characters. She is angry and has found a lawyer. Hope that some boring and media can send child abuse news hot search, do not write her things.

For this, netizens are also divided into several categories. Who do you think is right and who is wrong in this matter