Cover Person Interview: Social Model Persons and Educational Model Couples: Mr. He Guanghong and Ms. He Rongyaying

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Cover Person Interview: Social Model Persons and Educational Model Couples: Mr. He Guanghong and Ms. He Rongyaying

2019-01-22 16:57:24 478 ℃
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the first heart of education

"nurturing in childhood, upbringing in childhood, upbringing in youth, upbringing in morality in adulthood". He has three sons, all of whom graduated from right-thinking preschool education. They believe that education at the age of 0 to 6 is the most important, a rapidly developing brain, which is the best age to cultivate children's moral character. I still remember that more than 20 years ago, when I was looking for kindergartens for my eldest son, I found that there was no suitable school in Hong Kong, China, which could provide their children with ideal courses and learning models. Therefore, the couple made up their minds to set up right thinking international kindergarten and kindergarten by themselves. They joined the ideal teaching plan, high quality teaching methods, implemented bilingual teaching in English and English, and trained students'musical attainments. At present, they are the only right brain teaching school in Hong Kong, China. The mission of the school is to inherit the traditional Chinese culture and to unite the power of good.

In these decades of education, teachers and courses in schools have been constantly improved and improved in order to bring the best teaching plan to students. In 2000, they took the lead in promoting right brain teaching activities in Hong Kong, China, and became the first right brain teaching kindergarten, which was highly appreciated by parents. In 2002, KinderU Education Center was established to promote early education for excellence, to help parents care for their children from the beginning of prenatal education, and to provide textbooks-rhythm by using the 18-week-old memory and hearing of the fetus. The greatest effect of prenatal education is that the infant's brain has matured for 3 months at birth. Later, multi-lingual education will be developed from the age of 0 to enable infants to learn Mandarin, English, French and Spanish.

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< p> In 2010, the school began to introduce disciple's rules as teaching materials, and carefully designed a set of early education curriculum that adheres to traditional Chinese culture and integrates western teaching materials: from prenatal to kindergarten (0-6 years old) learning stage, emphasizing the "disciple's rules" to teach children the values of traditional Chinese goodness, so that parents and students understand that learning is a personal path of self-cultivation, and is closely related to everyone around them. Guan and Mutual Cause and Effect to Establish a Harmonious Society. "Children's education begins with parents" is Mr. He's motto. He believes that real education is self-teaching and should be effective. Parents and teachers are role models for children. Excellent talents are taught early, and all excellent talents are taught early. It is believed that children with poor qualifications can grow into geniuses through proper education system. < p > < section > < p > < strong > Inheritance of Chinese culture < / strong > < / P > < / section > < p > Chinese culture is alive, "filial piety, disobedience, prudence, faith, benevolence, love" and the Confucian Five Lun, "father and son have relatives, monarch and minister have righteousness, husband and wife are different, children are orderly, friends have faith. And so on. This is the breadth and depth of Chinese culture. On the way of education, the school management team has conveyed the important message of harmony of traditional Chinese culture and family style. Teachers not only have considerable teaching experience, but also need continuous learning. More importantly, they have the same idea. By combining traditional moral education with brand-new teaching methods, teaching can complement each other. They have always been convinced that traditional teaching has its value to be retained and keeps pace with the times to meet the needs of the new era. It is Mrs. He's volunteer that

pass on the "good family tradition" to every family. Just after the summer vacation, Mrs. He was invited to participate in the teacher training course of the World Family Style Congress held in Beijing. She was devoted to Chinese traditional culture. Through continuous learning, she deeply understood the quotation of "University": "cultivating one's morality, uniting one's family, governing the country and making the world peaceful". In order to encourage more parents to do a good job of self-cultivation and family unity, she decided to actively promote the construction of family culture in schools. How can we build a good family style? It can be divided into three points: 1. the connotation and practical significance of family, 2. the relationship between husband and wife and family (wisdom of husband and wife), 3. Filial piety (the way of parent-son and mother-in-law getting along), that is, learning together to promote upward goodness, mutual help to highlight the wisdom of virtue. Correct their bad habits and promote family happiness.

Nowadays, parents focus on knowledge education and lack of traditional etiquette and Eight Virtues education. Gentlemen's moral education, loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, kindness and so on, too rich material enjoyment makes children do not know how to behave, lack of respect and filial piety, so family conflicts are easy to arise. <<


Ho Rong Yaying is reading the Nineteenth Party Congress Report

educators from various provinces and cities in China devoted themselves and educators from all provinces and municipalities in China to study good family style

He Rongyaying and Professor Huang Jihua, former director of Peking University Institute of Education and Culture Section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > < strong > international vision < / strong > < / P > < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < p > music is an important element of right thinking preschool education, besides cultivating temperament, cultivating musical attainments and stimulating brain development. Every year, students in all classes perform in many languages, including Mandarin, English, French and Spanish. In order to enable students to experience the cultures of the world, broaden their horizons and broaden their knowledge, the school also organizes parent-child music exchange groups to go abroad every year to complete art performances, learn local languages, interact with local kindergarten students and visit history museums. Communication between children and their parents is very important. By communicating with parents, parents can feel what their children think and improve their parents'feelings. Since 2009, he has visited Beijing, Austria, Vienna, Oxford, Finland and other places.

Schools advocate trusting your children, having confidence in them and letting them play their potential. Right-thinking preschool Choir advocates non-nursery song teaching, arranges professional music teachers to cultivate children's musical sentiment, plays famous multilingual songs, and develops the fountain of brain wisdom with music.

In 2014, parents of right-thinking students attended classes together at Beijing Central Conservatory of Music and visited the Great Wall after school.

Parents visited Austria in 2015 to attend classes at Brahms Conservatory of Music, visiting local kindergartens and sowing the seeds of friendship.

Right Thought Music Tour in Finland in 2016, children learn multilingual at school, which is of great use in music journey.

takes an active part in the road area, and constructs the Sino African fate community,

right thinking preschool education responds to the national policy, and promotes the pioneer of Chinese African cultural exchanges. It is the mission of the children to recognize the national development strategy ahead of time. As a private preschool institution, although it has limited resources, it can do its best to take part in the whole area and integrate education culture. In April, June and July this year, African diplomatic missions were invited to attend cultural and musical exchanges. The Ambassador of Gabon to China, the Ambassador of Benin to China and the Consul-General of the Republic of South Africa to Hong Kong and Macao visited Rightthinking International Kindergarten and Kindergarten (Haiyi Peninsula Branch), respectively, to examine educational concepts, curriculum characteristics and teaching modes. Check and exchange experiences. During the exchange, the right thinking school choir students used loud singing, sincerely melted envoys with music. The visiting African diplomatic corps were impressed by their unique educational methods and artistic performances. They are looking forward to cooperating with the school in depth. As China's president Xi Jinping has advocated, "the band is not a Chinese solo, but a world ensemble". Music is the common language of mankind. Behind music is culture, singing the song of friendship between China and Africa.

2018 is the Year of China-Africa Cooperation, and the National Forum on China-Africa Cooperation was held in early September. Right-thinking preschool education adheres to the original intention of the national policy. It will use Internet technology to perform music ensemble with African children in order to deepen the knowledge of elite students about China and Africa, thereby spreading Chinese culture to Africa. China and Africa are good brothers with deep friendship. Right-thinking preschool education has made a slight contribution to this long-standing friendship between China and Africa. When children grow up, they will become ambassadors to maintain the friendship between China and Africa in the new era. Right Thought International Kindergarten and Kindergarten wish the Forum a complete success!

(left 6) The Ambassador of the Republic of Gabon to China visited the school on behalf of his country and shared with the students the senior diplomatic experience of His Excellency the Ambassador

(in the upper row). The Ambassador of the Republic of Benin China visited the school and was impressed by the right-brain education methods of the school. <




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