Yineng calmly writes angrily at the media for being out of context: Greet you with all the dirty words I can swear at

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Yineng calmly writes angrily at the media for being out of context: Greet you with all the dirty words I can swear at

2019-02-09 09:16:58 392 ℃

Recently, Yin Nengjing accepted an interview with Lu Yu Da Cafe's Day Travel. In the interview, she had a section about her marriage life. In the interview, she said that because of the injury caused by her native family, she had no sense of security in her heart and had some problems in dealing with the marriage relationship.

Some media interpreted her words as a summary of the past marriage with Yu Chengqing, and the "Reasons for Yi Neng's Talk and Yu Chengqing's Marriage Change" has also been pushed on the microblog real-time hot search, triggering a heated discussion among netizens.

<4 January, Ineng wrote in his microblog and scolded the bad media as follows:

"I greet these large-sized and media watching videos with all the dirty words I can scold. This passage makes it clear that I met my present husband, and the whole content is very clear that Mr. Qin, whom I have said many times! Lu Yu also refers to Mr. Qin! I didn't refer to any other person in my life. I've never been and will never be. The media has been hoping that the parents of children will speak ill of each other all the time! _______ Cause the fans on both sides to attack each other! Bad social roots! No wonder the country blocked the big size!

In addition, Yi Nengjing also said: "Today we have found a lawyer! Time and trouble to send child abuse news hot search! Don't waste the real meaning of the media!"

found that the people in the commentary really had some problems in understanding. They all said that the original problem was Ying Jing's parents'family problems, which had a great impact on her. She could not handle the relationship of her first marriage well. What's the weird point of Yu Chengqing? I couldn't help but say two sentences"

Some netizens also said:"It's really easy to misinterpret, because you said that the gap has been fixed for five years, and the last marriage has not yet had that wisdom and state, too early to work, the confusion of the relationship between men and women, and you want to catch up with a reliable person. Like driftwood, it solves all problems. It's easy to think that driftwood is talking about Harlem. If you don't want to be misunderstood, don't mention what happened to a marriage. Of course, the media can't let go of it. Some of the more sensible netizens also said, "I found that the people in the comments really have problems in understanding. They are all saying that I can mention her ex-husband. The original problem is that I can calm down her parents'family problems, which has a great impact on her and makes her unable to deal with her first marriage relationship. What's the weird point? Qing means, I'm not a fan and I can't help saying two sentences"

The media have no professional ethics, distort the facts, and indeed should be punished accordingly to support Yi Neng's peaceful rights!