The Academician's Honorary Qualification and Award Presentation Ceremony was held by the Institute of Social Enterprises.

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The Academician's Honorary Qualification and Award Presentation Ceremony was held by the Institute of Social Enterprises.

2019-02-09 09:16:58 510 ℃

[201858日,香港]社會企業研究(Social Enterprise Research Academy, SERA)早前香港灣仔會議展覽中心演講廳( < font > < b > < font > "Academician Honorary Qualification and Award Presentation Ceremony" < / font > < / b > < font > was held this year, and honorary academicians and titles of academicians at all levels < / font > were presented to < / font > 43 < font > < / font > < font > < font > major < / font > < font > < font > from business < / font >, academia < font > and other different sectors < / font > < font > < font > < honorary academicians and < font The presenting ceremony was officiated by honorary chairman Dr. Wang Guoqiang Engineer GBS , SBS Taiping Gentleman . < font > < b > < font > < font > < font > Social Enterprise < / font > < font > research < / font > < / b > < font > hospital < / font > < / b > < font > by awarding < / font > < font > academician honorary qualification < / font > < font > < font > to praise outstanding people from all walks of life < / font > < font > < font > contribution to the environment, society and economy < / font > < font > and at the same time to promote the whole society to show the spirit of car

Honorary Chairman of the Social Enterprise Research Institute Dr. Wang Guoqiang delivered a speech expressing that is the fourth anniversary of the establishment of the Social Enterprise Research Institute . The College hopes to issue academician honorary qualifications and awards through form from all walks of life social < font> caring < font> business leaders and professionals. , encouragement they share the business model of fulfilling corporate social responsibility , drive the whole society to show caring spirit , Promotion Research Institute influence , let enterprises and the whole society < font> < sustainable development . "

This year academicians at all levels of come from different industries and sectors. Their efforts in are recognized. In the future, they hope to further promote the spirit of social corporate responsibility to benefit more people in need. Academician Taiping Gentleman Huang Weixiong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Central Plains Real Estate Agency Limited, from the real estate industry, said: "Housing is a public concern in Hong Kong, and housing is due to the lack of land. As a member of the real estate industry, we have a lot of information about property. In the future, we will actively speak out through our daily contacts with interested owners and developers. We hope that all sectors of society can promote the development of social housing and help solve the housing problems at the grass-roots level. However, Mushi International Holdings Ltd. (fashion brand font>Moiselle) founder, chairman and chief executive Dr. Chen Qinjie said: "Service industry is the main industry in Hong Kong, and we hope to train more service industry practitioners, improve their quality and skills, and give them more opportunities in the future." We will share our experience and add some new strength to the retail industry. "

( formerly known as ) said:"Hong Kong people live busy lives, mostly neglect health, through the strength of enterprises, they will pay more attention to their health and disseminate information about healthy life. The founder and chairman of Gaobao Group Dr. Han Shihao, Mr. Taiping Gentleman hoped that the operation mode of charitable fund would be effective in Hong Kong and benefit the public, hoping that it could be replicated and implemented in the Mainland in the future. We are confident that we can mobilize more different charities and volunteers to participate in the future, and we will continue to adopt this new model to help more people in need. "

The Institute of Social Enterprises not only creates a platform to promote the spirit of social corporate responsibility by awarding honorary qualifications to distinguished persons from different sectors, but also attaches great importance to the development of education. After the ceremony, a lecture entitled "Nobel Scholars'Public Welfare Lecture: A Universal Journey" was held that evening. Professor Hata Longzhang, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist, and Mr. Cen Zhiming, Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, were invited to make public speeches for 300 university and middle school students in order to instill such persistent research spirit and positive energy as Nobel Scholars. Students should cultivate local talents to innovate and study in scientific research. Through this lecture, the Institute of Social Enterprises can arouse students'interest in scientific research, let them know more about the development of science, promote them to join the scientific industry in the future, and create more research talents for Hong Kong.

Photo Description:

1) This year, distinguished persons awarded honorary academicians and academicians at all levels gathered together to share their experience of exerting corporate social responsibility. From left: Academician Yan Dingguo, Academician Wu Jinxiang, Academician Wu Sile, Academician Huang Weixiong and Dr. Chen Qinjie

< 2) Professor Hada Longzhang, Director of Cosmic Ray Research Institute of Tokyo University and Nobel Prize winner of Physics in 2015 was awarded honorary academician and delivered speeches on stage to share his feelings.

< p > 3) This year, the prominent persons who were awarded academicians at all levels by the Institute of Social Enterprises took a photo together.