Re-feeding Society for Successful Entrepreneurship with Disabled Persons and Strong Minds

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Re-feeding Society for Successful Entrepreneurship with Disabled Persons and Strong Minds

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Jia Yu (left one) promoted the establishment of Chongzhou Founder Public Welfare Development Center, which provides employment training and services for disabled people with difficulties

In the eyes of most people, disabled people are unfortunate. They have various disadvantages compared with ordinary people, some of them are very poor. You can't even take care of your own life. However, although some people are physically disabled, they are strong-willed. They laugh at the storms, and through their own efforts, they have also achieved success in their careers and happiness in their lives. Jia Yu, deputy director of the Chongzhou Disabled Persons'Federation, is one of the representatives. He is physically disabled, but overcomes difficulties, redoubles his efforts, and finally succeeds in starting a business. When he became rich, Jia Yu did his best to help other disabled people, provide them with training and employment opportunities, increase their income, and enable more disabled people to live a happy life on their own.

"I am a disabled person myself. It is my duty and honor to be able to care for and help the disabled around me and contribute to the harmony of society." Jia Yu said.

Overcoming Difficulties and Starting a Business Successfully

He cared for and helped the disabled to repay the society

Jiayu was a resident of Wangdian Village, Chongyang Town, Chongzhou City, Sichuan Province. When he was 10 months old, he was handicapped by an accident. So far, he is inconvenient to move and limped.

Although physically disabled, Jia Yu began to support himself very early. He worked in a printing factory, planted precious flowers and trees, and raised scorpions, but for various reasons he failed. The turnaround occurred in 2002, when he persuaded his parents to lend a loan to the bank to help relatives expand the scale of chicken farming. Later, he went to his relatives'house to help him. During his busy farming life, he gradually learned how to raise chickens on a large scale. That year, he was 21 years old. Jia Yu officially registered his own company in 2007 through continuous learning and efforts. Because of his gratitude to the society, he named his company "Fortune", which implies "gratitude, gratitude and repayment". "Without the care and assistance of the Party and the government, relatives and friends, and all sectors of society, there can be no Jiayu today, so I will do my best to repay the society." Jia Yu said.

There were some disabled people in Jiayu's township, many of whom had no fixed jobs and their incomes were not stable at that time. Faced with this situation, Jia Yu solved the problem of their work and income by recruiting and arranging for the disabled and their families to enter the company. After the May 12 earthquake in 2008, Jiayu's Fuen Poultry Industry Co., Ltd. moved to Gongyi Township, Chongzhou City. When it was known that the Chen Chuan (pseudonym) family in Dongyan Village was disabled, Jiayu personally came to the door to offer free chicken nurseries and feed for the Chen family, and imparted feeding technology to help them do a good job in broiler sales. Over the past few years, Chen's family's annual income has risen dramatically. Now Chen Chuan is smiling all day long. He says he has to earn more money to make his family happier.

Set up a special training base

to guide the planning of "tailor-made clothes" for the disabled

Foun Poultry Industry Co., Ltd. is a practical technology training base licensed by Chengdu Disabled People's Federation and Chongzhou Disabled People's Federation respectively. The company trains the disabled to engage in ecological chicken farming and increases the disposable income of the disable

In the base, the training modes are mainly technical training in the countryside and practical training in the base. Technical training in the countryside is to set up classes at the rural level, or even at the village level, with the purpose of facilitating the disabled's friends, to teach. During the course, Jia Yu walks into the home and provides individualized on-site planning and guidance for the disabled's friends in the form of "tailored clothes", and to formulate a scientific and standardized ecological breeding model so as to enable them to increase their income. Base practice training mode is that there will be special needs, requiring disabled students to study in depth, and organize them to the company base to conduct on-site practice training. In 2017, under the promotion of Jia Yu, the first non-profit professional social organization for the disabled in Chongzhou, the Foen Public Welfare Development Center of Chongzhou, was formally registered and established. It is a social public welfare organization specializing in helping disabled people with difficulties. It can provide various employment training and services, build a platform for disabled people and create more employment opportunities. The story of Jia Yu's help to the disabled has aroused many people's attention after being reported by the media. "In the past, many people helped me. Now we have made some achievements, and it's natural to repay the society!! ___________ Jia Yu said.

Photos of Yang Su, a reporter of our newspaper, were provided by the Municipal Civilization Office