Real estate dealers bought 40 kilograms of snakes and set them free. Jinghong Forest Police of Yunnan Province made an emergency search and arrest

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Real estate dealers bought 40 kilograms of snakes and set them free. Jinghong Forest Police of Yunnan Province made an emergency search and arrest

2019-04-07 08:02:16 1624 ℃

On the evening of April 5, a news that snakes were set free near the Lancang River burst the circle of Wechat friends of the citizens of Jinghong City, Yunnan Province.

According to the announcement of Jinghong Municipal Government News Office, Yuemou purchased four bags of 40 kilograms of snakes released by the snake, and released one bag by the Lancang River. The other three bags of snakes were "released" on the mountain in the direction of the Caiyang River.

The liberator is a Heilongjiang native who is engaged in real estate business in Jinghong City. The purchase and release of a large number of snakes, in order to pray for financial luck. (According to Beijing headlines)

releases 40 kg snakes at a time. According to the pictures, the size varies from 400 grams of a snake to at least 100 snakes. If these snakes are poisonous snakes, they bite people, it will be impossible for Yue to release them this time, just like throwing a hundred bombs at a certain time.

was released from the Mahayana Sutra, which was originally one of the Buddhist traditions of compassion and practice. In Buddhist doctrine, liberation can instantly bring life back to life, which is regarded as an immeasurable act of merit and virtue and highly respected by Buddhists.

Today's liberation has changed, some people do bad things while liberating; some people even kill wildlife, and then organize a liberation campaign to profit from it. Some people blindly follow others when they see them set free. Put the animals in the sea into the rivers and the ferocious fish into the fish ponds. Either the released animals themselves or other animals suffer. This so-called goodness is obviously hypocritical and deviates from the original intention of Buddhist liberation.

Gentlemen cultivate virtue by not doing what is good but not doing what is evil. There are many ways of doing good, not just letting go. For example, to do good deeds is to do good deeds. A truly compassionate, compassionate, shy and compassionate person will never show compassion and practice learning by letting go, nor will he deliberately participate in organized, very high-profile letting go of life.

We should treat all kinds of wildlife kindly, which is the need of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, as well as the need of the construction of ecological civilization. But don't forget that harmony between people is equally important. Each of us participates in social public welfare in the way we can, cares for and helps the weak around us. It is more reliable to "let go" than to buy snakes, turtles, eight fish and shrimps at the farmers'market. In short, we only need to accumulate more virtue and do less undesirable things, which is closer to the intention of compassion than those deliberately released.