The official announcement is coming! "The most beautiful wedding photos" posing? The photographer and the "groom bride" responded!

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The official announcement is coming! "The most beautiful wedding photos" posing? The photographer and the "groom bride" responded!

2019-08-07 00:33:12 493 ℃

Recently, the "most beautiful wedding photos" on the Internet were questioned. The photographer was Zhou Haijun, executive deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Ganyu County Committee of Jiangsu Province and director of the Network Office. Today, the supervision committee of the Jixian County Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a notice saying that it has been involved in the investigation.

"The most beautiful wedding photos" posing? The County Commission for Discipline Inspection has been involved in the investigation

in response to recent Internet users questioning whether the "most beautiful wedding photos" are being shot, the official release noticed that the Jixian County Commission for Discipline Inspection has been involved in the investigation. ↓↓↓

A few days ago, a photo called “The Most Beautiful Wedding Photo” was posted on the Internet. ↓↓↓

This moment was photographed by Zhou Haijun and transmitted to the Internet, and netizens praised it.

However, some netizens found that in 2005, some media published photos of similar subjects, signed by Zhou Haijun, and the location was also in Jixian County, Jiangsu Province. Netizens questioned the suspicion of posing.

The party of the girl who saved the water fell out

[ 123] According to Jiangsu News Broadcasting, on July 12th, the reporter of the Suite newspaper found the party to save the girl in the water - the newcomers in the photo, Mr. Zhang and Ms. Heng.

Mr. Zhang said that they have not officially entered the marriage hall, and they are not taking wedding photos on the same day. Because he was about to join the army, before he joined the army, he and his girlfriend, Ms. Heng agreed to shoot a group of photos wearing wedding dresses to commemorate. Therefore, they invited Ms. Heng, a good friend who worked in the county cultural center, to shoot them. However, when they were still preparing the costumes that day, they heard the cry of a crying girl.

Mr. Zhang recalled that when he heard the cry for help, he rushed over and jumped into the water to hug the little girl. Mr. Zhang said that although he can't swim, it's still not good. "This water is not deep, it is not going to swim, but it is not in the middle of the (lake), at most a few times."

Mr. Zhang then took the little girl up and handed it to his girlfriend on the shore. I didn’t expect to be photographed as a “network explosion”.

The photographer told the incident

According to reports, the photographer Zhou Haijun responded that he and the subject did not know

According to Jiangsu News Broadcasting, Zhou Haijun said that on the same day, he was a temporary invitation of Sun Peipei, a staff member of Yingxian Cultural Center, to take photos of the "civilized small volunteers" public welfare activities.

Zhou Haijun said that at the time of the incident, he was shooting a waterfowl across the pond and heard the child’s shouting. He ran for the first time. In the process of running over, he witnessed a couple of new people to save the little girl. "In the process of running, I just took this down and went up a few times. The process of this continuous shooting took a few minutes, and I took 13 shots."

The original EXIF ​​information displayed by Zhou Haijun

Since I will take pictures, why did you ask Zhou Haijun to help? Sun Pei-pei explained that the photo of "civilized small volunteers" was to be used on the propaganda wall of the Cultural Center. In order to better present the effect, she was invited by Zhou Hai. She plans to take photos of the activities of the "little volunteers" of friends and children, and then go to help the sisters to take wedding commemorative photos.

In addition, Sun Pei-Pei said that because the children were too young to cooperate, Zhou Haijun first went to the side to shoot waterfowl. At that time, I was just picking up the phone and neglecting the care of the children. I didn't expect the accident to happen.

"When I ran over, they all went ashore. Online said that her (little girl) hair is not wet, in fact, their hair is wet. The child's crying nose is down." Sun Peipei said She doesn't know why there are so many questions about the posing on the Internet. "You know the expression of the children at that time."

As of press time, the parents of the rescued children did not receive interviews from reporters. Sun Peipei said that afterwards she had explained to the children's parents: "When I finished, I immediately called the parents. The parents said it doesn't matter. But when I said it, I didn't say it was so serious. I told the children to slip into the water and the clothes were wet. "

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