In the subway compartment, the Chinese are not penalized for foreigners? Nanjing Metro responds again

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In the subway compartment, the Chinese are not penalized for foreigners? Nanjing Metro responds again

2019-08-07 00:33:14 604 ℃

Recently, "there are foreign passengers eating in the Nanjing subway car" has attracted attention. @南京地铁 Respond!

On July 10, a netizen sent Weibo to reflect that when he took the Nanjing Metro Line 2, he found that the subway law enforcement officers treated the Chinese and foreign passengers differently when checking the food in the passenger compartment. ↓↓↓

July 14, Nanjing Metro Group Co., Ltd. @南京地铁 issued a briefing, once again responded to this

In the investigation, law enforcement officers found a foreign female passenger eating bread on the Nanjing Metro Line 2 train on July 10, and then dissuaded the language. Later, a male passenger was found to drink yogurt and warned him that he was not fined.

Previously responded:

"The deficiencies in the work must be corrected in time"

[123 ] On July 10, after the netizen’s microblog was issued, the Nanjing Metro Public Security Bureau publicized the police “Shi Sir” to respond first at 23:54 on the same day.

Shi police officer said, "The behavior violates the subway car fasting regulations,

really should be treated equally , I believe the subway law enforcement team members have heard the voice of netizens, thank you bloggers for supervision."[123 ]

On July 12th, @南京地铁 also responded to this matter: "Thank you for your supervision of our law enforcement work,

we must correct the shortcomings in our work



After watching the live law enforcement video, the reply is as follows:

[123 First, a foreign female passenger in the video eating bread on the train and Chinese male passengers drinking milk tea violated Article 68, Item 6, of the Nanjing Rail Transit Regulations, according to the 50th of the Regulations. Article 8 may impose a warning on the parties or a fine of more than 20 yuan but not more than 100 yuan;

Second, the two law enforcement members on the spot

only verbally dissuaded foreign passengers for language reasons

, Administrative warnings for Chinese male passengersThe result of this treatment is indeed

has violated the principle of fairness and justice of the law ; Third, the training management of the two law enforcement members will be strengthened in time to avoid similar situations in the future.

China Youth Daily (ID: zqbcyol finishing: Yan You) comprehensive from @南京地铁, Global Times (ID: hqsbwx), Yangzi Evening News Editor: Lu皓阳