After Zhang Zixin’s stay for a few days: defending the pain that has not been seen

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After Zhang Zixin’s stay for a few days: defending the pain that has not been seen

2019-08-07 00:33:19 612 ℃

I can't remember how many Zhang Zixin's family went along the mountain road, and I can't remember how many times my grandparents burst into tears. Since the incident, all kinds of speculations on the family on the Internet have even been maliciously accused. As reporters, they are also in the eye.

With the police investigation announced, the incident has come to an end. These days, in the face of overwhelming "cyber violence," I think it is necessary to defend some of the pain that has not been seen. This is not only about this unfortunate family, but also about how we understand human nature and how we understand ourselves.

Some netizens' understanding of pain is too simple, almost playful. For example, they feel that the pain is that tea does not think about rice, that is, it is crying, it is fainting to the ground, which is more common sense.

Of course, this pain is, I have seen my grandmother crying and beating herself many times, and I also saw Grandpa sitting on the sofa and breathing. If you want to write, as a reporter, you can not write any details of the presence to meet the reader's imagination. However, it does not say that this may cause secondary harm to the family. Is this all the pain?

As the audience, these dramatic scene descriptions are too thin and light compared to the real pain at home. Those pains are dull, sneak, silent. Where are those pains? They are scattered in every part of the family's air, in the "good luck" on the wall, in the couplet, when Zhang Jun rushed home to pick up the nephew, smile, where the grandmother silently turned to the reporter Cup of bitter tea.

Too much pain is not seen, and more pain is invisible. I have no ability to restore all my feelings to the pen end, as stated in the text, not in case. The question is, can people in the crowd watching the screen understand this pain? They can understand that there is a kind of pain in the world, will it be expressed as a smile?

This is not so much a test of the reader's reading ability, but rather a test of the reader's subtle understanding of his own humanity. If you can accept the painful complexity, you can accept more yourself.

Regarding human nature, there is never an answer that is black and white. Just like the Qiandao Lake in front of you, under the beautiful islands and the calm lake, it’s not deep.Measured million gullies. Can we accept the complexity of human nature? Can you reject dual thinking? Can you reject emotional conclusions based solely on guesswork? This is probably a question and challenge for everyone in the era of the Internet.

said a detail that was not written in the manuscript, I hope it will not attract the netizens. I remember the morning of the 14th, the day when the family learned the bad news, I saw the girl’s grandfather squatting out of the courtyard with a bamboo basket. I looked at his thin back and went to the woods. After a while, he took A basket of peaches went home.

Some netizens will probably swear, saying that you are all like this, how can you still have the mood to pick peaches? What they didn't know was that there were many relatives at home. Grandparents were very simple and kind people. When I went to their home for an interview, my grandmother would wash a basket of peaches and serve them. Even if they refused again, they always advised us to try. Old people are like this to strangers, let alone face relatives? But this kind of natural and simple kindness, in another field, applying another kind of framework, may become indifferent and selfish.

The media has an obligation to clarify some speculation. For example, Zhang Jun and his brother-in-law rushed back overnight. Some people said that the children had gone home without finding them. What the netizens don't know is that on the 8th, the report went to the same day. Zhang Jun didn't stop the transcript for a moment and rushed to Ningbo. He still didn't change the clothes when he came home. What the netizens don't know is that Zhang Jun's parents are in a bad state. He is afraid that the old man will have an accident and must come and comfort himself. This will also be said to be indifferent. What can you say to the Zhang family?

There is also a saying that grandparents are patriarchal, and even the grandmother in the video cares for the little nephew as evidence of grandparents and patriarchs. What netizens don’t know is that Xiaowai is usually in Hangzhou, not in Chun'an. This time, I came back with a special purpose. My aunt deliberately asked my parents to look after them, give them some sustenance, and sleep together at night. However, this kindness has become a patriarchal on the Internet.

After the accident, the family did not have a serious meal for a few days, and could not eat it at all, and could only cope with it. On the day I arrived, they seriously made a few dishes and invited me to work with reporters from the same industry. They are still simple and kind, and the living people have to eat and live. This is in our opinion, a completely understandable thing, but my aunt suddenly reminds us that you should take a photo or not.She is afraid that netizens will see that they have done a few dishes and they have to worry about their families. But they are obviously victims. They are also those who have not eaten seriously. They are not netizens. Why do they have to be accused of these?

This is an era of onlookers. Specifically, it is an era of second-hand information. The conclusions based on this are often unreliable and even dangerous. This may be the meaning and welfare of the reporter's work. The presence of a different dimension of value judgment, but also because of this, I need to be the person who is present, as far as possible for the parties, for all the pain that has not been seen, Do some defense.

On July 14, the police issued an investigation notice. In the evening of the same day, I bought a ticket back to Shanghai and left from Zhang Zixin’s house. On the way down the mountain, the rays of the sun are shining, and from the distant lake, thousands of islands are shot into the mountains, and people can't open their eyes. The pain did not dissipate. In the next few years, they would be dispersed in the mountain, scattered in the village, and dispersed in the home of an ordinary person.

But I can only force myself to believe that heaven and earth are merciful and endless, and people will eventually step out of this mountain.