No contract fraud. Xi'an Benz female car owner: ready to set up a charity organization

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No contract fraud. Xi'an Benz female car owner: ready to set up a charity organization

2019-08-07 00:33:23 1232 ℃

At 8:15 pm on July 15th, according to the official microblogging@警民直通-闵行 message of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Minhang Branch, the actual controller of Shanghai Jingji Culture Development Co., Ltd. Xu and the shareholder Huang were not found. In the operation and management company "Shouyiren" project, Xue Moumou, a supervisor and supervisor, used the convenience of his position to illegally take possession of his unit's property. At the same time, he did not find Shanghai Jingji Culture Development Co., Ltd. illegal in the investigation. For the purpose of possession, the project suppliers and merchants are defrauded in the process of signing and performing the contract. Therefore, no case was filed.

Previously, through the Red Star News multi-party investigation and verification, Xi'an Mercedes-Benz women's car owner Wang Qian (a pseudonym) is the actual operator of Shanghai "competition artist" food court Xue Moumou .

3 months ago, in the Xi'an Lizhixing Mercedes-Benz 4S shop, Xue Moumou spent 660,000 yuan to buy the Mercedes-Benz car to pick up the car soon after the oil spill, after several unsuccessful negotiations, Xue Moumou took the car The hood cried for rights. After that, the related videos were flooded, causing continued attention.

On the night of April 16th, Xue Moumou reached a settlement agreement with Xi'an Lizhixing Mercedes-Benz 4S shop. But at the same time, Xue Moumou was caught in the "collected debts" storm, accused of fraudulent tens of millions, and the money fled.

In March of this year, Shanghai Bidding Cultural Development Co., Ltd. was accused of going to court for arrears of property fees, and many merchants and suppliers claimed to have been deceived. The arrears agreement provided by the supplier Yue Peng (pseudonym) to Red Star News shows that the Shanghai competitive culture has defaulted on its advertising fee of 193,000 yuan. In August last year, the two parties agreed to repay 19,300 yuan per month from August 10, 2018 to June 10, 2019. But so far, the company has not repaid the project. A number of other suppliers have similar situations. The statistics provided by the debt collectors to the Red Star News show that Xue Moumou’s Shanghai competitive culture as a supervisor was accused of at least arrears of 5.75 million yuan.

A few days later, Xue Moumou said in an exclusive interview with the Red Star News that the matter was an economic dispute and suggested taking the judicial process. With the constant vocalization of merchants and suppliers, and the involvement of Weibo real-name authenticated users @a somewhat ideal journalist, the matter continues to set off.

At 10:59 on May 21, @a little ideal reporter said that the Shanghai police had already squandered the cultural competition in Shanghai for Xue Moumou and Xu.Investigated on the suspected duty of embezzlement. After 4 minutes, @a little ideal reporter changed the "investigation" to "receive the case and conduct an investigation." Later, a number of self-reported media said that Xue Moumou had been investigated by the Shanghai police.

Xue Moumou had previously accepted an interview with Red Star News

At that time, Xue Moumou was "investigated" and caused widespread concern. But at that time, Xue Moumou told Red Star News that he had not received a police notice. Authorities have told Red Star News that the case was still in the process of acceptance and has not yet been filed.

In the past two months, the Shanghai police announced the results of the investigation, saying that there is no evidence that Xue Moumou’s position was invaded, and that his company did not use illegal possession for the purpose of defrauding during the signing and performance of the contract. The behavior of project suppliers and merchants' property and materials.

smelling this result, on the evening of July 15, Xue Moumou told Red Star News that she was not afraid of police investigation or even fear of filing a case, but was afraid of all kinds of rumors and curses, "in this piece In the matter, I do not blame the remarks of merchants and suppliers. After all, there are indeed economic disputes."

Xue Moumou said that on May 16, she saw the news of "being filed" and she took the initiative to contact. police. "Trick 110, ask what is the situation, what needs to be done. But the other party said that if the case is actually filed, the police will contact. After that, we will submit the information to Minhang Economic Investigation, including the merchant contract, the financial accounts made by the third party company. They filed tax and water data, etc. They (the police) checked very carefully, all related accounts were checked, as long as they were transferred to the personal account, they were called to ask questions."

Mercedes-Benz rights have been fermented so far More than 3 months. On June 11, Xue Moumou returned the same new car from the Xi'an Lixing Star Mercedes 4S store. The service fee of 15,000 yuan she had received before was also refunded.

"This year, after so many things, I was very disappointed and very painful. I really want to go back to normal life. I didn't want to save money when I got into the hood. I am too straight. "Xue Moumou told Red Star News that her life has been greatly affected because of the "fraud", "reported" and "voluntary escaping". Although the new car has been brought back, it is afraid to open it. The rumors of swindling 10 million are too deeply rooted in people's minds. People around me are afraid of me, and malicious rumors hurt me too much."

Mercedes-Benz female car owner's reputation lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng told Red Star News that some relevant evidence on the online malicious rumors has been carried out, and when the prosecution needs to seek the opinions of the client.

Zhou Zhaocheng said, "I understand the determination of rights defenders and suppliers to protect their rights, but it is still the same sentence. Regardless of how the public opinion is fermented, criminal cases are criminal cases, and civil disputes are civil disputes."

On the phone, Xue Moumou reflected on his problems in the “competition artist” project in Shanghai. She said that it was her first time to start a business in the catering field, and she dreamed of it. She also devoted all her efforts to this project. The purpose was not to be a food court, but to be a well-known brand. The joint venture is to start a business together, but this business model Too idealistic, "If a company is all leaders, each has its own ideas, everyone is a partner, and the competition for management rights leads to the current problems. The management ability of the entire entrepreneurial team is not high enough. In addition, my character Defects, too straight, whether it is the attitude or the way to deal with the problem."

Xue Moumou said that if there is no Mercedes-Benz rights act, there may not be Shanghai being defended. "The reason why rights protection has So many people pay attention, I think it is because it is closely related to everyone, involving everyone's interests. Now many people's financial service fees have been retired or not received, which makes me feel that the previous rights protection is meaningful, otherwise, it is fierce. In a few months, what is the use? There are a lot of poor business operations, why only I have a reputation for fraud. Before, I was reported to have tax evasion. Tax, contract fraud, job encroachment, but all passed."

In the end, Xue Moumou told Red Star News, "I have long said that I am going to the judicial process. What is the truth? What should I assume? What. In the future, when I encounter public events, I will still speak. If everyone does not dare to speak, this society will not change, and will not break. After this incident, I am going to set up a non-profit organization to specialize in car consumer rights protection."[123 ]

Red Star Journalist Wang Chun

Editor: Cheng Xiaofei