Teacher sexual aggression, underage female student, sinned for 17 years, became a teacher and went to the middle of the school.

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Teacher sexual aggression, underage female student, sinned for 17 years, became a teacher and went to the middle of the school.

2019-08-07 00:33:25 1260 ℃

Sichuan Online News (Xie Jun Fan Yuling, reporter Ren Hong) 17 years ago, music teachers sexually invaded students under the age of 14 and fled on sin; in 17 years, they studied in Tibet and taught in a middle school until the middle school... On July 16, the reporter learned from the Bazhong City Procuratorate that recently, the Nanjiang County Procuratorate filed a public prosecution, and the defendant Feng Moumou was sentenced to six and a half years in prison.

Music teacher sexually assaulted female students, fleeing crimes

The case dates back 17 years.

The suspect Feng Moumou was born in 1975. After graduating from the middle school, he returned to his hometown to work as a music teacher in a middle school. In May of 2001, it was known that the victim Xiaoxue (a pseudonym) was under 14 years old and Feng Moumou raped him in the teacher's dormitory. Because of the young snow at that time, and the children left behind, lack of parental care, under Feng’s “care”, Xiaoxue could not fully realize the consequences of Feng’s behavior. After the first time, Feng Moumou became even more mad. In July of the same year, he took Xiaoxue out of school and raped Xiaoxue again in his rental room. This time, Xiaoxue did not return late at night, causing the vigilance of the teacher of the boarding school.

Feng Moumou was afraid of fleeing before the public security organs had taken enforcement measures against him. This escape was 17 years, and the investigation of the case was also in trouble.

After the fleeing, Fengmou turned west to the west. After he arrived in Lhasa, Tibet, he was afraid of his identity and bought a fake ID card named Fengmou for renting a house. . After two years of fear, I felt that there was no problem, and Feng’s courage gradually grew bigger. Since there was no household registration network system at the time, Feng Moumou forged a set of household registration and identity information through fraud. Feng Moumou, who has a certain cultural foundation, passed the study and successfully entered Tibet University.

After graduation, he applied to teach at a key middle school in the Qamdo area. Due to his previous teaching experience and his hard work in the university, he quickly stood out in the school where he taught. When he was arrested, he was already a middle-level cadre in the middle school.

Procuratorate intervened in advance to lock suspects who had escaped for 17 years

In February 2018, Nanjiang County Public Security Bureau reported to Nanjiang County Procuratorate: investigators passedLike the comparison system, it was discovered that a person in the Qamdo area of ​​Tibet and a suspect in a rape case in 2001 may be the same person. After receiving the clue, the unchecked department of the Nanjiang County Procuratorate immediately sent a staff to intervene. It was found that the facial features of the suspect Feng Moumou were not obvious when the case was filed in 2001. Although some of the characteristics of the comparison coincided, it could not be 100% confirmed. At the time of the incident, no other biological evidence of the suspect was obtained. The investigation of the case was in a dilemma.

After research, the prosecutor involved in the investigation proposed that, considering that the suspect’s father was still alive, he could cooperate with the police in the Qamdo area to extract without causing the person to be perceived. The biological sample was compared with the biological sample of the suspect's father, Feng Moumou, to identify the suspect.

The proposal was immediately adopted by the investigating authorities. By cooperating with the public security organs in the Qamdo area, the local community extracted the blood of the compared person's blood for DNA identification. Geng is the Nanjiang County Public Security Bureau. The DNA identification of the suspect, Feng Moumou’s father, was quickly determined to be the suspect who was the 17-year-old suspect Feng Moumou.

Through the cooperation between the public security organs of Nanjiang County and the public security organs in the Qamdo area of ​​Tibet, the suspect Feng Moumou was escorted back to his hometown where he thought about it but did not dare to take a step. During the review and arrest period, the procurator of the unexamined department of the Nanjiang County Procuratorate accurately determined the criminal facts of Feng Moumou according to Feng’s guilty confession and the victim’s statement, witness testimony and related documentary evidence. On the third day after acceptance, he made an arrest decision. In the examination of the arrest, Feng Moumou pleaded guilty to repentance and actively cooperated with the judicial authorities. After the trial of the Nanjiang County People's Court, he was sentenced to six and a half years in prison.

Responsible Editor: Lin Mingming