The 4 backbones of the pornographic website were arrested as an active atmosphere. One of the women also made pornographic selfies.

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The 4 backbones of the pornographic website were arrested as an active atmosphere. One of the women also made pornographic selfies.

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The adult website "Grassland Community" has long published a large amount of pornographic information and used overseas servers to escape the blow. In the “grass community”, there is a “CL sharing group” that specializes in publishing original erotic images. Four core members, with nearly one hundred virtual identities, never talk about their own region, and both managers’ The authority is very mysterious. They set up a huge yellow network of pornographic information exchange and transactions through the Internet.

In October 2018, the Provincial Public Security Bureau’s Public Security Bureau’s Netan Detachment will have four core management members. Seized in Heilongjiang Province, Henan Province and Guangxi Province, four criminal suspects have been prosecuted for illegally using information networks, making and distributing obscene articles, and have now entered the stage of sentencing.


[ 123]

Unified Gesture Watermark

Pulling out the organizers behind erotic images[ 123] In the Provincial Public Security Department, the Public Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau, the Life Reporter saw in the working folder used by the police to collect evidence. In the “grass community”, “Dagair’s banner section”, many posts were "CL sharing group" as the title prefix, after opening the rules to display the starting post, the content is unsightly erotic images, in order to prove that their erotic images are original self-timer, the poster will do in the first four pictures With the "1024" gesture, a watermark is placed on each picture. This is the watermark of the group's own logo, a wolf head.

The police handled the case and told the reporter that in the previous investigation, it was learned that the “grass community” is a well-known adult website in the Chinese language circle. Since its establishment in 2006, the average daily pageview has exceeded 10 million, and the website’s servers are overseas. Inviting the registration of closed management, only long-term members can invite others to register, "over the wall" to the external network to see pornographic content, in order to escape the blow of our public security organs.

[123In the "Grassland Community" website, there are two most famous sections, the "Technical Discussion Board" and the "Dagher's Flag". The "Dagher's Flag" section is a section for members to post obscene erotic images. It is the most active, high-traffic and most widely spread section of the “Grassland Community”. The biggest feature of this section is that the information posted by the members must be original pornographic images. If it is not original, it will not be released, and there are four so-called "Administrator" reviews whether the pornographic image is "original" and marks "CL Sharing Group".

Since 2018, the public security organs of our province have carried out special actions of Longjiang Net 2018 and 2019, and launched a severe crackdown on cyber illegal criminal activities.

In July 2018, the network police of the Public Security Bureau of the Provincial Public Security Bureau noticed the active organization named “CL Sharing Group” in the “Grassland Community” during the network inspection and detected the active administrator. The IP address is in Heilongjiang Province.

In August 2018, the Public Security Bureau of the Handan District officially filed a lawsuit against the "CL Sharing Group" on the suspected illegal use of the information network, and was listed as a ministerial case by the Ministry of Public Security.


[ 123]
A mind map

Unveil the layer structure of pornography

After nearly two months of tracing, the police handling the case gradually figured out the posting of the “CL Sharing Group” and the membership joining process. In the provincial public security department, the Public Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau, the Life Reporter saw a "mind map" drawn by the police. This "mind map" also revealed the strict organizational structure of the "CL sharing group." The person in charge of the investigation team of the Network Security Detachment of the Public Security Bureau of the District of Jiaotong District told the reporter: "After each post is opened, there is a prefix, invite the netizen to add the 'CL sharing group' of the WeChat public number for submission, according to us Investigate, the 'CL Sharing Group' has a total of six WeChat public accounts, but never published pornographic content. After paying attention to the public number, these netizens only use the public number as the background to divert the netizens to the submission mailbox.In the QQ group established with the administrator. "

The netizens who have just entered the group are called "tourists". Visitors can share their self-portrait porn photos and submit at least fifteen photos with "1024 gestures" to the designated mailbox. After reviewing, producing, stamping the "Dagher's Flag" watermark and a wolf's logo, and marking the "CL Sharing Group", after posting in the Grassy Community, visitors can become "Members" and can see more online. More erotic images and videos, you can also participate in offline pornography organized by the “CL Sharing Group.”

If you don’t take a selfie, you need to spend 120 yuan to buy the “invitation code” from the administrator to enjoy Member's "treatment".

Four administrators earned more than 400,000 for selling invitation codes.

(Member's chat information Screenshot)

The police introduced that in order to escape the blow, the QQ group of the core members is quiet, the whole member is banned, and after becoming a core member, they will get an invitation to the overseas chat software. , members share and publish obscene pornography in the overseas chat software group And the notification of offline pornography. Moreover, the screen names of the three platforms of chat software, QQ group and grassy community must be the same. If the names are inconsistent, they will be kicked out by the administrator. Therefore, setting such a complicated membership procedure and designing the membership threshold are all aimed at screening the membership and attempting to escape the blow of the public security organs. The police handling the case told the reporter.

Registration process
Pay attention to the public number → enter the group → become a “tourist” → submit a porn photo → become a “member” → buy an “invitation code” → become a “member”

[ 123]

[123 ]3000 net posts dozens of active accounts
pointed to four core members

After finding out the organizational structure of the "CL Sharing Group", the public security organs carried out investigation and evidence collection for four core members.

The person in charge of the case told the reporter that the police had established more than 40 folders for the active accounts of several pastoral communities locked up. The statistics found that the sharing group established ten national groups. There are more than 20,000 "visitors" in the group and more than 2,300 core members. More than 3,000 original pornographic posts are posted through the sharing group. The pictures are more than 50,000, and the number of posts is over 500,000. After careful screening, the police analyzed four core management members from dozens of active accounts, and some of them even had more than 70 virtual identities. With the deepening of the police, the true identity behind these virtual worlds has also surfaced.

The structure and scale of the grass community:

Ten national groups "Visitors" more than 20,000 people


More than 2,300 core members

Post original pornography over 3000

Views over 10 million

CL Core members of the sharing group:

Screen name: Customer Real name: Tang

Household registration Land: Heilongjiang Province Suihua

Identity: Head of the team, one of the founders

Division of labor: There are 8 high-level accounts in the grass-street community, which is also the owner of the formal membership group, mainly responsible for receiving submissions, Posting and other work.

Screen Name: Bei Mo

Real Name: Zhu Mo

Household Registration: Hunan Province

Identity: Technical backbone, one of the founders

Division of labor: There are more than 70 high-level accountants in the Grassy Community, which is mainly responsible for the review and maintenance of the WeChat public account operation and maintenance, posting and email submission.

Screen Name: Deep Sea Flower

Real name: Fan Mo

Household registration: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Division of labor: Overseas software chat group owner, mainly responsible for posting, active atmosphere within the group, Selling invitation codes and other work.

Screen Name: Liu Yuer

Real Name: Zhang

Registration: Harbin, Heilongjiang Province Acheng District

Identity: Supervisor

Division of Labor: It is the main administrator of the sharing group, responsible for the review of tourists and members, supervising whether members have violated the rules, and discovering "unruly" It will be kicked out of the chat group. In order to activate the "atmosphere", Liu Yuer will also publish her own pornographic self-portrait picture, known as the "Goddess."

The four administrators Tang, Fan, Zhu, and Zhang were located across 2,000 kilometers. The usual four-person exchanges were conducted on the Internet. If other members found that one of them was not on the line for a long time, it would cause alertness.

In October 2018, the Provincial Public Security Bureau's Public Security Bureau's Netan Detachment set up a strict arrest plan, 4,000 kilometers in 10 days, and four core members were arrested in Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang, Henan and Guangxi. The main electronic evidence includes the computer, hard disk, mobile phone, bank card and other documents involved in the suspect being completely preserved.

Four criminal suspects have been prosecuted for illegally using information networks, making and distributing obscene articles, and have now entered the stage of sentencing.

Responsible Editor: Lin Mingming