The murder case 20 years: the family has not been the case is still under investigation.

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The murder case 20 years: the family has not been the case is still under investigation.

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She has no family tomb, has not seen her bones.

3 months after she was in college, she was killed and her body was cut into more than 2 thousand. The murderer is extremely cruel, for 20 years, has not brought to justice.

In 1996 the "1· 19 throwing dismembered murder", better known as "South murder case, because the case 20 years in suspense, and has recently cracked the Gansu silver serial rape and murder, was listed as one of the few friends China a few.

20 years ago, it was friends constantly reading, curious, and even national investigation.

Victim Diao Aiqing, 19 years old when killed. Her parents, relatives are how to walk through this 20 years?

In September 7, 2016, Diao Aiyun came to Nanjing, to the police inquiry investigation progress sister Diao Aiqing murder case, the reply is "the case is under investigation". 20 years ago, heard this reply is Diao jia.

Diao Aiyun still remember January 20, 1996 that dark snowy night, six police cars arrived in Jiangyan city of Jiangsu province (now Taizhou city Jiangyan District) Shen Gao Zhen Diao, took one family from Nanjing, they were told a little daughter Diao Aiqing is missing.

Overseas Chinese in Nanjing Road police station, love and Diao husband Guo Chunhua were arranged in a separate room, Guo Chunhua thought that the police put them as the suspect until he found written on the blackboard "1· 19 throwing dismembered corpse".

Chaos on the blackboard, which marked the "Xinjiekou", which is the most bustling downtown Nanjing city. In January 19th of that year in the morning, someone found a bag of meat in the vicinity of Xinjiekou, pick through after have hands.

The next few days, the city of Nanjing have found multiple packet pieces, after the police investigation, determine its all the same Victim -- Aiqing diao. Three months ago, her husband and sister love Diao had sent to Nanjing University, admitted to Department of information management in adult education.

This is the first time that Diao Aiqing has come to Nanjing. That year, she is 19 years old.

Photos of Diao Aiqing high school. Respondents for map

2000 pieces and a bitter nevus"

Diao Shengmin seldom mentioned little daughter was killed, occasionally talked about his loud voice, quiet, turbid eyes downcast, hands kept rubbing thigh.

Only in the night, Diao Shengmin often think of the little girl, sleepless nights.

Time back to 20 years ago, in January 21, 1996, 48 year old Diao Shengmin sat in the Nanjing University Hotel, he saw the "Yangzi Evening News" published a front page of raphe enlightenment "acceptance".

"The man is gone." He said to his son-in-law, who came into the room, Guo Chunhua.

Subsequently, the police told the family to inform the family of the case of Diao Aiqing, the family would like to see the last one, was a public security bureau leaders to discourage, he said too cruel, police investigators are afraid to eat meat." Guo Chunhua said, the police informed that the body was cut into more than 2 thousand pieces, the head was also cooked.

Family members stay in Nanjing for 4 days. Diao Aiyun remembered that his mother had been crying, his father did not shed a tear, "the whole person is like a stay". Subsequently, Diao family and was sent back to Jiangyan, "let us go back to the news, which is 20 years."

After the incident, the city of Nanjing launched a big investigation.

"With a vigorous investigation for several months, the security department, the neighborhood committee, the public security bureau are all in the investigation." The old Nanjing University Zhou said the master, when he was 60 years old, just before retirement with it.

Zhou master because of a single person living in the school, became the focus of the investigation of the object, to the 4, 5 police, the kitchen and toilet of my house have been touched all over."

According to the law and life had reported that the Nanjing police launched the human sea tactics, almost all the police are involved in varying degrees of this case. According to the crime, the police had once identified the murderer's occupation is a doctor or butcher, targeted to focus on the investigation.

"When the girls are afraid to cut my hair", Diao Aiqing's high school classmate Sally Wu (a pseudonym) was studied in Nanjing, she said after a jittery campus legend killer, red hair girl. A rarity.

Diao Aiyun later learned that the police earlier went home Shen Gao Zhen was three, a man named Diao Aiqing in the village, second to find her, "the love is my youth".

Diao Aiqing has a mole on his right cheek. In the country, the old people call this "bitter mole"".

From 1996 "Yangzi Evening News" the corpse reads: "in January 19th, I found a nameless corpse, female, 20 years old, about 1.6 meters tall, slim body, thick eyebrows, right cheek has a mole, the ear side has a mole size of mung bean."

Mother also had to pay attention to ask, "love green, how do you have a mole on the ear?

"So you can recognize me".

September 7th, Diao Aiyun once again came to her sister's living quarters, she had personally sent her sister to live in, when the dormitory has been difficult to identify.

In the eyes of his father, daughter or high school appearance

The daughter can be admitted to the south of the house, Diao was an accident. Three months later, it became an accident.

Earlier, Diao Aiqing two consecutive years of college entrance examination defeat, second years only received a local TV university admission notice, but she did not want to.

Born in rural areas in Northern Jiangsu, the family was poor, admitted to the university has become the only way out of the "farm gate". Diao home four mouth people living out in seven acres of ground. A clothes sister wearing a sister to wear, the incident Diao Aiqing when the red coat, but also her sister through the two or three years.

Older sister, 5 years older than Diao Aiyun junior high school graduation that is to participate in the work, the income is meager, Diao Aiqing was placed high hopes. In 1996, Diao Aiqing goes into Nanjing University to teach reading classes.

"No money, no trouble, put on the." Diao Aiyun rejoiced to take my sister left the rural home, only less than one hundred days, who is gone".

In Diao Aiyun's eyes, the year is broken. In November, my grandfather died, in December, January, myself (married), unexpected trouble. By February, it was a year of Spring Festival. The wedding of love and her husband did not wait until the second Diao "huimen", thirty years later he braved the snow ride back home. The dinner on New Year's Eve, four people around, but for a long time without words, "since then, not a happy home". Diao Shengmin began to sit still, often inattentive, motionless.

At the same time, Diao Jia living in the villages, rumors began to breed.

Li Jiyue is Diao Aiqing's high school classmate, two people walk very close. She often heard people speculate Aiqing Diao in the unit, "says she is beautiful and romantic". Li Jiyue, however, took a picture of Diao Aiqing to the theory.

"They are all nonsense, love green is ordinary girl, very introverted, love reading." Li Jiyue often go to the library Aiqing Diao Diao Aiqing home, usually eat, wear, save some money to buy books, as a baby, never easily by people.

In Sally Wu's eyes, do not love to talk to Diao Aiqing and even some eccentric".

After the incident, Li Jiyue had met Diao Shengmin on the road, the old man heard the little daughter is a person standing on the roadside groundless talk, wipe the tears. Li Jiyue heart is not the taste, also followed to cry.

After the Spring Festival every year, Li Jiyue go Diao home pay New Year's call. In the night, Diao Shengmin and his wife can not sleep. "The other people's family is as big as my family. They are all back together. We are not."

Diao Shengmin's impression, love green or the appearance of high school. When reading to a boarding school, Diao Aiqing monthly home by father shuttle. He rode a bicycle, while riding his daughter, while hanging luggage, riding an hour on the road.

The old Nanjing University Zhou master who witnessed the South murder case after investigation, this road is Diao Aiqing finally appeared in Qingdao road. Surging news reporter Wang Letu

See the gangster film, the whole family will fall into silence

Diao Aiqing tomb, the family did not know where her bones.

Diao Aiyun said that after the incident, the police took away from his home three sacks of books and debris, the sister of the things they did not leave. She's been moved to the south in the big dormitory. The body did not see.

That's how Diao Aiqing disappeared.

Diao Aiyun often feel trance, these 20 years, just like a dream."

"The days have passed, things don't say."." The little girl became Diao Jia taboo, no one will. But it's like a thorn in the flesh, sharp and stubborn. Sometimes watching TV, occasionally to the gangster film, the whole family will fall into silence.

"On the Internet, said that, in fact, we know nothing about it." Over the years, the network will be every few years launched a "South murder case" of the case, the tide, heavy metal music, love addicts words appear in the netizen guess, the original ordinary girl is more illusory interpretation of jiangsu.

Love is crazy after the discussion, the post has been attracted suspicion, the police involved in the investigation, but ultimately proved to be a farce.

Diao Aiyun also thought the murderer will be who, a simple girl, no hatred without resentment, death can not be blocked, hate do not know what to hate."

In January 2016, the "old Nanjing" issued, January 19th is the last day of the South murder case 20 years of prosecution. The "south" has create a great sensation murder case "and" Jack the Ripper "and" Twelve palace killer "and" the Black Dahlia "world murder case together, become the historical issues."

Then, in January 20th, Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau issued a clarification: the case of micro-blog is the public security organ in the investigation of cases, the police will be in accordance with the trace in the end, never give up.

Diao Shengmin once thought, "we don't go (South), when this thing is not true. Love is to run with the youth, one day will come back."

The days are long, and Diao Shengmin has to accept the reality.

Diao Shengmin said that when leaving from Nanjing, South to the families of 2000 yuan to return the tuition fees, back to the 2000 yuan relief. Since then, he has been to the South three times.

The last time to go, is the winter of 2010, when Diao Shengmin has been diagnosed with necrosis of the femoral head.

Because his family was poor, it is difficult to bear the cost of surgery, Diao Shengmin came to the south to seek help. Diao Shengmin in the security office, sitting up all night, the next day, the school gave him 10 thousand yuan, but at the same time give him a receipt, stating "will no longer find the school", Diao Shengmin personally wrote the receipt.

For 20 years, for the first time asked the police investigation on sister

2008, Diao Aiyun husband and wife together with his father to Nanjing police to submit a bailout, but has not been the result. At that time, Diao Shengmin has trouble walking, take a pain will need to rest.

At the beginning of September 2016, Diao Aiyun once again found the Nanjing police. 8, the Drum Tower Branch replied, back ready to hand in the material, to further study in the Bureau of relief measures.

When the incident suddenly, did not leave any procedures. Whenever you are asked by the police to submit materials, Diao Aiyun can only repeat again and again, "I am 96 years South murder case of the deceased Diao Aiqing sister, my name is Diao Aiyun......" Talk it over and over again.

20 years, a lot of things are disappearing, and some traces are even more clear.

Li Jiyue said, "hear" Pingju in the street, think of Aiqing diao. Once in the bedroom, Diao Aiqing always love down the curtains, open a small radio, singing softly.

Li Jiyue there is a letter Diao Aiqing did not have time to return, they were taken away by the police forensics. The letter reads, "sister, January 5, 1996". Time frames in the 5 days before the disappearance of the.

In September 1st, the son of the son sent to the provincial university. Before leaving, many years ago the uneasiness hit again, "when I send the girl to go to school, she was 19 years old, my son is 19 years old this year."

"Good a person, not a person in the world It is without rhyme or reason., no peace."

This inexplicable palpitation, had long been grabbing Diao I love cloud heart, shortly after the incident she was due to excessive psychological pressure and abortion.

In September 7th, Diao Aiyun made another trip to the south, I heard someone singing on the road, she went across the street to find, "maybe it's my girl?" To him, a middle-aged woman put a piece of "save the woman" sign, poor sound scream, Diao Aiyun stare.

In fact, until September 7th this year, Diao I love cloud was the first time to investigation unit -- Nanjing Gulou District Public Security Bureau asked the case. "Parents are old, also can not move, things always have a result."

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade staff said, the case is still under investigation, the progress will notify the family. The other side left the phone, Diao Aiyun put the note in his hand, "I have to go home".

Out of the door, Diao Aiyun suddenly burst into tears, "how many people can have twenty years, I can not wait to get this world?"